What is the best Taylor Swift song?

And why is it ‘I’m only me when I’m with you’?

It’s from one of her early albums which you fashion victims have probably never heard, just those of us who were Swifties before it was cool. 

Welcome to New York is the one that appears most often on my Apple Music playlists as a result of my 5 year old daughter giving the algorithm some kind of uncurable virus.

the actual answer is ‘this is me trying’

but turboheh at the ersatz southern accent in shooty’s choice

WTAF is wrong with some of you?!?! Blank space and trouble aren’t even in the top 50 of her best. 

22, red, we are never ever getting back together, treacherous, stay stay stay, in fact most of red, all of folklore, all of evermore are better than those. Urgh. Honestly I despair sometimes. 

‘Mine’ is lovely. I respect that. 

‘This is me trying’ is a strong effort.

‘Snow on the beach’ good but ‘you’re on your own kid’ in similar vein and better, imo. 

This is very useful.

I was about to start a thread asking why people like her.

I'll listen to some of these and let you know if they're any good.

Anit-Hero. It's obviously Anti-Hero. It's brilliant because she accepts she's a fruitloop.

If I ever met her I'd definitely be like 'ever tripped over a branch?'

'What? No...'

'How about a root?'

couldn’t give a shite, and any adult man who proclaims any serious interest in Swift’s music - which is for 9 year old girls - is a wrong’un

Wot larrence said. 

Whiny millennial snowflake balls marketed to people who choose not to take water into the desert and then complain they’re dying. She saw you coming. 

couldn’t give a shite, and any adult man who proclaims any serious interest in Swift’s music - which is for 9 year old girls - is a wrong’un

I’m taking my (then) 9 year old girl to Anfield to see her in June.  I’ve been doing my homework to make sure I can enjoy the experience with her.  I’ve never seen her so excited as when she opened those tickets up on Christmas Day.  Better than a Wonka golden ticket 

My daughter's a big fan too. And tbf shes drawn me in. She does some bloody good songs.

Welcome to New York is an absolutely blinding pop song.

Surprised the old metropolitan elite Lazmeister is not into it tbh. You're getting old m8.

Unpopular opinion: welcome to New York is really really weak. Strongly suspect it was written purely in the hope that the city would pay rights to use it in adverts. It doesn’t go anywhere and has no highs or lows or soaring bridge like other stuff. Dull. 

Right, I have now listened to all of these songs and can deliver my verdict.

They are all fine.  None is notably better or worse than any of the others.

I have never knowingly listened to a Taylor Swiftly song.

That said, I would recognise the chorus of Shake It Off.

Too many to choose a favourite.

But my fave albums are lover and midnights. 

Not so keen on Evermore or Folklore. 

Only 11 days now till I see her in concert.