WFH is fine when work’s a stroll, eh
Sir Woke XR Re… 27 Sep 23 18:47
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but when work is stressful or anxious, WFH feels lonely and brutal

work’s for the office, really. for me personally. I don’t like work detritus at home, either.

I’ve always found legal work a lonely affair but it’s worse when you’re on your jack. jones at home; which I usually am (my wife works 4days in the ozz, and kids in school 9h a day)

I agree with the caveat that home is also great for the heavy drafting days - not stressful per se but I need to be uninterrupted. We are open plan now so I use wfh for any day where I'd be inclined to put some big fat noise cancelling headphones on and be anti social

yeah, agreed

drafting is sthg I don’t find stressful in and of itself

 in my area. it is the core of the lawyer’s art, and yes best done uninterrupted

I tend to agree laz

But my role is mainly to make the team work 

When I actually need to work and think I'd prefer to do that at home 

When I'm in the office it's mainly to oil the cogs of billing 


When work is shit wfh is amazing. You can go and have a hot shower or a shag or just lie under a soft duvet fort with some chocolate coated coffee beans.

If you're in the office you're trapped with no comforts and just people who caused the problem.

Well, to put it another way.

In the office at any given time at least one person loathes you. That's statistical fact. 

Why would you want to be around that energy?

fook da office. Friends are for moral support, colleagues just see you as a rival, a khvnt or a tede.

So you can guilt them into going to the pub with you for a bit before it fizzles out and they go home leaving you with the bitter memory of how things used to be swilling around the back of your mouth.

You can hide at home and in the office if you want to but if it’s stressful I’d rather finish the day and walk off into the fields with a dog who doesn’t know what stress is than sit on the Tube seething surrounded by other sources of stress.

I don't understand why tf the rich and influential don't bin the concept of urban conurbations. They could be doing their work from the Antibes why tf are they doing it on a sodden East London street instead?

The only colleagues you really get anything back from are the ones you mentor. The rest are leeches and credit thieves. From which it follows that WFH is best reserved for everything except mentoring. 

if it’s stressful I’d rather do it at the office and the leave it behind

a lot of projecting on this thread from the fundamentalist introverts 

I'm fundamentally introverted and somewhat misanthropic. Used to be in clergham's camp but I've notice those with whom I work that are based between 24h and 5h behind local time have turned toward the dick'ead.

Residing in their Western countries, they seem to have lost any sense of how shít the local populace is and are losing work cos the locals find it even harder to understand or accept the tone of a one line request/question so refuse to work for them.

Benefits of defecting to the 2-3 day facetime camp: (1) kids don't see me shouting and swearing loudly at my computer screen as much; (2) easier not to drink; (3) birds are fit.

“The office provides plenty of opportunity for those that are unproductive to hide.”


Oh god this. And wfh found out those who were just blustering, used the office as a campaigning ground and spent most of their time setting people against each other. 

They key is definitely the building of a separate office in some manner so that work can be shut behind a locked door at the end of the day even if it's just locking your study door.

Lazy and blustering are not the same thing. 

I’ve seen an incredible amount of effort going into politicking, creating division, presenteeism and maintaining a facade. 

Almost impossible to do that from home.

Similar to the above, enjoy working from home when I need some peace to concentrate.  But also enjoy the bustle of walking round and catching up with people and learning what's going on.  

That said, I get sleepy around 1500 and there's a nice sofa just next to my desk at home...

also what threepwood said

I’d rather just be absent from the home than physically present but unavailable to my children, having to convey to them directly the message that work is more important than them

basically, I hate wfh save when undertaking a lengthy task that demands concentration or when tiredness or domestic demands are sufficient to trump wfh’s inherent drawbacks

when Laz LLP is at scale we will have an office, for sure. a really plush and well equipped one.

I credit my mother working from home and not having time to play with me with instilling my ability to amuse myself for hours and be totally at one with my own company.

If the office was a stroll away I'd prob never WFH. All these get back in the office khunts would do well to buy a residential block 15 minutes walk from their offices and let you live there for the cost of the interest on the mortgage for as long as you work there. Only then can some Dulwich dwelling ball bag moan at you not wanting to take three Tubes from a £2k a month cesspit. 

Am I the only one who also starts work earlier when working from home?  I tend to get up at a same time but as going to the office requires a commute I end up arriving and starting later.

Surely it depends on the nature of the work stress? If it’s writing a doc or some other task that relies on me as an individual contributor, much better to just smash it out at home. If (as is more often the case for me) it requires lots of people putting together something complex, nothing better or more efficient than all being the same room and powering through rather than having to convene calls slacks etc to get things done. 

and as for the remote thing - the main reason I dislike people who move countries to work is timezone - it just creates inefficiencies when you’re trying to do things that have interdependencies and you find one team member has fvcked off to Brazil because #digitalnomad and actually even if they are inclined to get up at 4am every day they soon get tired and inefficient so your working day compresses massively or timelines stretch out. But that’s the nature of my work. 

I find you can get a lot more done with a lot less stress if you don't need to bother with a daily 3 hour commute and the constant chit chat, "water cooler moments" and other interruptions of the office

WFH is fine when work’s a stroll, eh, but when work is stressful or anxious, WFH feels lonely and brutal work’s for the office, really. for me personally. I don’t like work detritus at home, either.


Aaw - poor lonely diddums.  You're not cut out for this work if you need your hand held.  And you're not busy enough if you even have time to feel "lonely", whatever that is.  And you need to have a dedicated home office, with professional equipment.