Weirdest random street insults u have received

A man in a van just shouted "you've got WHITE skin" at me in a jeering voice.

So did he, like 

Was on an early morning bike ride a few days ago, v quiet roads, a van went past shouting KHVNT. I was a bit miffed as I hadn't got in their way in the slightest and road was so quiet there was no delay for them in overtaking. Probably just cyclist h8ing "banter". 

No need to w**k on about it, Porpoise.


Tbf I got random abuse the other day while I was riding a very sexy lime scooter.

My interlocutor in a Ford Ranger was too incoherent to be comprehend, but I suspect he was alluding to his very very very small penis.

The weirdest sort of jeering interaction I’ve had with a random was

’oi mate! Do you post naked pictures of yourself on Snapchat!?’

’No? I don’t have it?’ (confused).

’My mate does!’


Them they walked off.

Not me, but my brother was cycling through Union Street (which is the famously erm… vibrant part of Plymouth wearing a cycle helmet in days before such things were common.

San and Tray wobble out of the 6am kebab shop:

”ey mate, you’ve got a pisspot on your ‘ead”


I had one yesterday at the roundabout. Some oik, maybe 11 or 12 years old, was jeering out the car window next to me:

"'ere, what's your name? Oi, who are you? Is your name Stephen?" [It's not]

It was troubling that his mother, driving, did nothing by way of either reprimand or dissuasion. When did this anti-social behaviour by children become normalised? 

little oiks have shouted insults since time immemorial dux, if anything kids are better behaved now than they were in my day, you are just getting old m7.

Look at you fxcking cxnt in your shoes going click clack you fxcking cxnt etc etc

I was so furious I took him on*



* until a passerby told me he was a local nutter, just ignore. So I was the one ended up feeling bad 😕

I had someone chase after and threaten me in a very angry manner (would certainly have constituted assault) for walking past him whilst talking on my mobile phone.

A m6 with mixed white English and Far East heritage told me he was once walking around in Cardiff when a passing car slowed, rolled down the window and someone shouted "chink" at him. He said he nearly pissed himself cos it's such a shyte insult. 

Buzz in a similar vein my mixed race cousin used to get ‘Paki’ shouted at him all the time and he’d just reply

’ok, one, that’s quite racist and two, my mum’s African and my dad’s English so it’s factually incorrect’

"You're really hot!"

Ugly girls, one was a lard ass. It's an insult, because like what did they think was going to happen. That I'd be pleased that some butters women found me attractive i.e. the idea that they could have fathomed even for a second that I might possibly be interested in them or their opinions - if they knew I was actually hot, they would have known the limits and kept the f away. It actually affected me and made me feel insecure for a bit - but I gathered myself realised they were on the other side of the street so probably couldn't see me properly. 

I know everyone says this, but it's a true story.

Mostly just random insults but some random drunk woman grabbed my arm whilst I was out jogging and said 'i just fancied a grope'. Her group of friends had drunkenly/inadvertently blocked my path

I politely reminded her that she was a khunt and that it was sexual assault 

She offered to let me squeeze her ass 

I rejected her kind invite 

i 1ce wore a pair of red trousers and a red woolly hat

some1 yelled “he’s got red trousers and a red hat, oi double red!! ur double red!”

they were dark red trousers, not aggressive u kno

and the weird thing is it was at twickers 4 the double header

I was saying goodbye to clients outside Ashurst's offices when a man in a van leaned out of his window as he roared past and shouted 'WHITE HAIR GINGER BEARD'. Couldn't fault him.

All of this also reminds me of Reginald D. Hunter's comment that some English racial insults are just weird. "N1gnog? What the hell's that supposed to be? Sounds like something black folk might drink at Christmas"

Had just moved to London from up north. Had a massive suitcase on a south London bus. Charming lady screamed “raasclaat!” at full blast, purely on the basis of my suitcase partially blocking the way I think.

Got called a fat aunt while waddling across the road at 37 weeks pregnant. I had immediate hormonal red mist, so I walrused after him, banged on his window and suggested that he say it to my fooking face. 

He declined. I wouldn’t have the balls to do that now.