Unpopular opinions
  1. Michael Owen’s bellend status is secure, as in, it is trite that factually he is a bellend. However, as a pundit he’s slightly underrated. 
  2. Coldplay are good at writing songs that make [middle class white southern english] people feel good and united in a sort of slightly drunk on an early saturday evening in a pub next to the park in Chiswick kind of way. And [middle class white southern english people’s] opinion on music is as good as anyone else’s, and within the above limited parameters, Coldplay are pretty good, and the people annoyed by that contention are the right people to be annoyed.

I was expecting this to relate to unfortunate legal opinions issued by local counsel in a fair away jurisdiction which — at the last minute — unexpectedly contain additional qualifications or, as the yanks might say, reservations which really p1ss off the banks, indicate that lead counsel is unable to manage the locals and delay closing by 3-5 days (during which these issues are resolved)

We all love you and your output, Laz, but on this particular occasion I’m afraid to say that that might have been a slightly more interesting read/ discussion

Michael Owen's football analysis is as derivative and simplistic as Coldplay's terrible music so it does track that someone who rates one would rate the other. 

Their Paradise, Yellow, A Star Full if Skies and especially Viva la Vida are all absolute crackers and nobody will ever be able to take that away from Chris Martin. Oh but he apocryphally bought the band name off someone else and that means something I think. Yeah yeah yeah, what have you done?

Meaningful lyrics? I used to be into that, a bit. Nowadays zzzzz who cares. REM also write completely meaningless lyrics, and they don’t get loads of shite about it. REM are brilliant btw, prob my favourite ever band.

Coldplay are inoffensive but bland. I can't imagine ever deciding to listen to a Coldplay album. 

As for 2 listenable Pulp albums, are you discarding This is Hardcore? Mental if so. 

yeah me too, twice in 2005 - at Hammersmith Palau’s (small venue for a band of their stature) and Hyde Park (couldn’t really hear them - they were the backing soundtrack to a boozy picnic).

I hate this is hardcore, it’s a betrayal of similar magnitude to Kid A

pop music artists, learn this: once you’re famous, nobody wants a change of creative direction 

Pulp lyrics are generally:

  • Sex
  • Class warfare
  • Sex as a weapon of class warfare

And great for it. 

My unpopular opinion - Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump are both shite. 

Real artists don’t give a fvck what the punters think and are incapable of repeating themselves. Which is why Coldplay are so bad. Everything they do is aimed at selling more. Dull dull dull. 

Pulp lyrics are great, agreed.

That’s ok shatto, unlike most rofers I can cope with difference of opinion. I fvcking hate This is Hardcore. His n Hers is their best by some margin over Different Class. CBA listening to any of their other work. They’re still prob my joint favourite band for that brilliant few years 1993-97

originality is overrated

as a pop musician, once you’ve found a formula that delivers 9/10, every additional minute you spend at work, you’ll reap more value producing more off the same block than you will with “new creative directions” with a risk weighted value that will inevitably be much lower than 9.

this is why I listen to songs on repeat 30 times over

if something is currently my tip top 10/10, anything but listening to it again is value erosion

oh I enjoyed that 10/10 song, now let’s try something that might be 3/10

Shifting units according to a formula may bring in the dolla but it ain't art.

Not everything has to be art, of course.

But formulaic stuff bores the tits off me. If you like that sort thing, I don't really give phuck though. It would be a weird world in which everyone was into Imperial Triumphant.

picasso did a lot of shit art

he just did so much of it and was v good that loads of it was indeed exceptional

but quite a bit is shit. and, possibly (having just seen goose’s post) that’s cos he shifted units according 2 a 4mula - and that takes nothing away from the fact that he found an amazing 4mula

Totally wrong on both counts.

Michael Owen's broadcasting output is worse than every other mainstream pundit who has an actual gig on one of the main channels.  I can't think of anyone worse - can you?

Coldplay haven't done a good album since A Rush Of Blood To The Head.  X&Y was gash safe for Fix You. They've been flogging the same dead horse for 17 fvcking years.  How much longer FFS?

A list of the main things that have accelerated the enshittening of the UK in no particular order

  • Coldplay
  • Brexit
  • The mini-budget of Liz and Kwasi
  • Oil money in football

Coldplay is sh1t but you can't deny that when Parachutes came out, it was good. I had the cd in the car and enjoyed listening to it at that time. Good memories. 

Tbf the standard of football punditry is generally speaking fairly low. Having said that, Owen has decided not to be banal (tick) and instead just talk thoughtless bollocks (untick). 

Coldplay shift a lot of units. By definition it’s going to be good quality bland wallpaper music. It’s as inoffensive as it is forgettable. 

Basically hate everything they've done since then though. 

Some bands I really wonder why they're so big. Queens of the Stone Age. Why? Arctic Monkeys? Good marketing?

REM were all on stage the other day for the first time in however long, at ho ho a REM tribute gig. Plus what with JMS billboard life last week I sense they might do something again at some point. But I really hope they don’t. Those early records never fail to transport me back to a better place.  Oh and that 2005 gig was the Odeon not the Palais larrence.

I went to a few good gigs in that era. An exception to my usual reticence re big events and live music.

Also remember Franz Ferdinand at KTF and Vampire Weekend at Ally Pally

The palais was just along the road to Shepherd’s Bush, much much smaller, famed club beloved of the Clash, now bulldozed for flats. 

And Bond films are part of a true Englishman’s birthright, it’s not about excitement, it’s about the girls. 

Do you like Chris Martin? I've been a big Coldplay fan ever since the release of their 2008 album, Viva La Vida. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Viva La Vida where Chris Martin’s presence became more apparent. I think Viva was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Buckland, Martin and Berryman. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument. Sabrina, remove your dress. In terms of lyrical craftsmanship, the sheer songwriting, this album hits a new peak of professionalism. Sabrina, why don't you, uh, dance a little.


Coldplay is sh1t but you can't deny that when Parachutes came out, it was good. I had the cd in the car and enjoyed listening to it at that time. Good memories. 

Me and Mrs Face saw them doing parachutes at V Festival 2001.  That and the next two albums were great, then they disappeared up their own arseholes.  That said Fix You live is a spine tingler