The unfairness of life episode #576

Saw an old friend of the family at the weekend and she was continuing to recover from the stroke she had 18 months ago and was on good form sitting my garden chatting away.  At some point last night she fell in her bathroom and died.  Luckily her son who lives in Canada was over a few weeks ago as he hadn't seen her for a while before that.

To be honest that could, in some respects, be said to be a mercy - see the recent Mutters thread.  I'd like to go quickly and inconveniencing as few people as possible, including myself.  

A relative had a stroke. No memory at all of the event, just waking in hospital a few days later. Has since recovered but life ability has slowly, and painfully narrowed down to being kept alive by drugs but in constant pain and ever increasing reduction in function.

I’ve had guilt inducing moments of just thinking that not recovering from the stroke would have be better. One moment getting along with every day activities and then nothing. Grim, depressing but pragmatic.