Uk streets r really getting me down

The litter, the dog shit, the stench of piss

Getting me down

We should definitely be more like the Japanese in that regard.

What I loved most about Japan was the fact that if you needed the loo in a cafe, you could leave all your stuff, knowing that no-one would nick it.


What causes all those stains you see about the place? The ones that seem to be there year after year in spite of deluge and jet washing?

Is it energy drinks? Or tennents passed through a tramp’s urinary system?

Good luck finding a public rubbish bin in Japan ...

(What do the Japanese do when they walk their dogs? Hold onto the various bags of poo until they get home?)

Yup. Agree. It’s really depressing. Litter. Fag butts. Empty vapes. Litter. Dog poo. Dog poo plastic bags full of dog poo. Dog skids. Chewing gum (how is chewing little bits of plastic not illegal now). Just put your litter in the bin. Leave no trace. 





All littery and Turdy af makes it hard to enjoy any kind of anything when playing Turd lurch with 2 kids and every time you walk down a road 

I raised this very issue at a council ward meeting once, there was some discussion etc, nothing controversial.

A few mornings later I returned early morning from the gym to be greeted by a Dairy Milk wrapper on my gatepost. It was not filled with chocolate. 

So, shoot the owners. Licences for all. Annual fees. Rescues only. No mahoosive breeds. Fines fines fines. 

Fully agree.

I got chased down the road tonight by a fvcking sausage dog on the loose 

every day down here some arse lets their dog off the lead on the beach. Like the beaches need anymore fvcking sewage 

I find streets in most of the world smell far worse than the UK.  The sewer reek is relatively uncommon here.   Dog shit and litter?  Nothing compared to a few decades ago.


Overall, not an area of complaint for me...

What Guy said. It was everywhere 30 years ago. Remember sliding into 3rd base playing rounders as a kid, covered, courtesy of the black labrador which lived opposite. 

I feel like we are just wading through litter today, back in London after 3 weeks away. School run this morning dog shit everywhere. Litter and fag butts everywhere  

I got chased down the road tonight by a fvcking sausage dog on the loose 

What on earth? They're tiny and slow, why would you run, wouldn't you just boot it?

The thing that makes the most difference to the litter round here is the kids going back to school.

i feel like this thread title is desperate 2 be the 1st song in a whole new music genre: i’m gonna call it counter-rap

a genre that rejects “the street”

doesn’t feel like it will b popular tho