UC - Jeremy Paxman

watching this for the first time in a year or two - shocked by how Paxman has changed - constantly slurring his words - very sad.

There’s an argument of course that this highlights the disease and what all age related nervous system based conditions need is wider exposure so as to raise awareness. So much media is youth based. People get old, there’s lots of them etc. And I hate to see the effects as much as anyone else. But do you want a fair and compassionate society, or one full of people exploited by big corporates?

Bertha, given the number of people with parents and grandparents that go through it I think awareness is already pretty high.     I don't have any problem with Paxman continuing to do the job as long as he can, even with the disease, but obviously his decision to retire after this season is the correct one, my suspicion is this season has been heavily edited.

I really don't think he's that bad and don't think it's been edited much at all.  I think he could go on for another couple of years but it's his choice.  More interesting is his changing dress code.

I think Bertha makes a fair point.  It's causing you to discuss it. You might otherwise not. 

A friend - really close friend who I spent school years with, who was almost a member of the family and I of his, who I travelled with and whose wedding and children's christenings I attended etc, he has Parkinson's. The tremors are interesting. The stare - a fixed set of facial muscles which Paxman now has - is most disconcerting. Hugging him is like holding a mannequin.

Sails in the final edit there are quite few questions and words that are borderline a little bit difficult to make out (not impossible of course) I don't find it credible that in the original filming he would not have had to redo some questions where the slurring was worse.  I am not saying he was wrong to do this series, just that he is probably retiring at the right time.

When a close friend tells you in one go that he has Parkinsons, which his Mother died of, and his marriage has fallen apart (his parents’ divorce was very bad for him as an emergent teen), and it is someone who you travelled with and who was your best man and who you represented when he was done class A possession with intent to supply, and who you stood by even when he was a prick because many are rushing away, then you give him a hug.