Hope he is convicted, the c vnt. 

But Jelly - why must a unanimous jury be making a decisiont to convict?  They could all be satisfied he is not guilty. Highly unlikely but…


Will they do that weird American thing where you get 4 years for each offence to run one after the other so you end up in the Big House for 130 years or whatever?

$5k and up to 4 years for each charge. 


So up to $170k, but jail unlikely. 


Sentencing 11 July


Maybe he'll be tagged and prohibited from crossing state lines. 

"rigged trial by a corrupted judge who is corrupt". 


"Rigged disgraceful trial". 


"We didn't do a thing wrong. I'm a very innocent man"


"This was done by the Biden administration"


"Just a disgrace"


"We're a nation in serious decline. People are pouring in - mental patients"


Lol, am sure the Judge will be sympathetic on 11 July. 

Better he doesn’t for this. He wears the opprobium and can’t make the same capital that he might have done if he had. Maybe someone will shove a fire extinguisher up his arse on a golf course so he doesn’t altogether miss out on the experience. 

Aren’t there a load more charges on the horizon.?

I think you’re too pessimistic RR. 

Something had to give to enable the crumbling to begin: a turning point. He has always had things his own way as his money silenced dissent. He has never tasted humiliation on this scale. 

Provided he doesn’t do time, due process will hopefully signal the beginning of his end. 

Can some of the states NOW bar him from the ballot? Maybe the SCOTUS (at least 5/9 corrupt) will say the appeals need to be exhausted first ...

Also, maybe it's better if he actually loses at the ballot box ...

If the Biden team can explain clearly that this conviction is about campaign fraud and not shagging then maybe it hurts trump, but people are stupid and they'll think this was about trump boning a pornstar. 

Imagine a normal citizen calling the judge a crook and compromised for the entire trial and then being found guilty...  Marchan is within his rights to gaol trump but he won't because he is a decent man who is upholding the law. 

Unsupervised probation pending appeal. 

Of course he's still the candidate. He has captured the republican party in a way that Boris could only have dreamt of capturing the tozzas. He's probably still odds on to win. 

It is important.  The law and due process has played out and found him guilty.  Of all the shit he's done in his life, this has never happened before (EJ Carroll aside, but that was the civil courts). 

He is a criminal, it's on the record.  

Get in. 

He’s already throwing around accusations of corrupt judges, biased juries, destroying the rule of law etc but that was expected. 

Will be interesting to see if all those polls that said some independents would have voted for him but not if he was convicted will flip now (my feeling is they’d have voted for him anyway and were using that as an excuse to make themselves sound more reasonable, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough)

In the short term I imagine it’ll have some effect on the US polls but nothing major. 

In the medium/long term it’s potentially a huge deal because if the US decides to elect a criminal president it effectively destroys the rule of law over there and empowers all the other criminal leaders in the world (of which there are many) to do whatever they want without global scrutiny. 

But I don’t think Trump will win, so maybe it’ll balance itself out. 

It was very interesting yesterday to see the notes they sent, which were basically what do we need to be satisfied of to convict and what did you judge tell us we should bear in mind.

If he gets a custodial sentence I will pop more than a cork ;) it’s my age.

But this is great news for the push back vote movement, as I said months ago. Like all blowhard bullies he has fvcked himself in the eye.

The Dems need to now hammer the global security point hard because that’s the only thing that will sway independents. 

If Trump is democratically elected and all the world’s leaders congratulate him and invite him on diplomacy trips over the next four years, there is literally nothing stopping any global candidate from committing criminal acts to get elected because they can just point to the US as an example. 

I think the General is correct… 

Cohen got a few months in prison but those were different charges on the same facts.. (he got done for illegal finance contributions to the campaign) plus some tax evasion charges on top. 


Id like to see Trump ride the Spanish donkey in laps around the Capitol building for the rest of his life. 

With a sign around his neck reading





The crime was how that money was then reimbursed to Cohen by Trump. 

Had Trump paid the amount out of his own funds and not illegal and falsely recorded it in his business records he wouldn’t be in this situation. 

Though it probably still would have been a campaign finance violation. 

Scylla honestly I understand the impulse but you wouldn’t. 

There was a military coup in Thailand in 2014 and while it was fine generally it was fooking terrifying at the time. 

Better for him to face whatever consequences required under the laws in the US. And then get elected or not based on those laws. 

I think him being convicted was already ‘priced in’ by most voters to be honest. 
 Key thing now is probably whether his sentence inhibits him from campaigning. 

Imho the GOP even in its current shape may not endorse him at the convention. Nil points to Haley who could have waited a week and kept her own hat in the ring. She’s a horror faod.

I am amazed at the optimism about the effect on Trump of this conviction 

This is just a step in a process, Trump has spent a lifetime and built a career on dancing around the legal system 

Plus the “bubble “ and is real . Tens of millions of Americans have already (and repeatedly) committed to him.

Either they put him  in jail or don’t bother . And even then he’ll appeal (and there’s a eff tun of conservative judges on the appeals circuit)

This is just one  positive step , it’s not the ball game. Not by a long shot 

Oh and wot YWTF Donny and Cookie said

he has already started sending fundraiser emails based on it.  

The right wing media machine is gleefully trying to tear down the legal system.  We like to think that it's all Fox but they're just the leaders who give the talking points to the real media that most voting americans pay attention to, conservative talk radio.  People who listen to conservative talk radio have been conditioned over years not to believe anyone or anything else (bar their pastors).

You and I know the truth, these people never will (nor will the accept it as true).


I read something that said 6% of declared Rep voters polled had indicated they would reconsider their vote if Trump was convicted. Feels unlikely to me given they are still committed the Reps and he is still their candidate but a few here and there could be enough to tip the scales.

The thing that baffles me is why people who are no doubt proud of their constitution, judicial system and country just stand by and let one man traduce it all again and again purely for his own ends. I will never understand it and when he finally cares it I think a few are going to feel very silly.

The point is all of this makes it harder for Trump  to get beyond the 45/46% to 48/49 he needs. The threat is RFK, who is bankrolled by Trump’s backers, taking 3% of soft Biden votes. 

If you find the details of this stuff important, and they really are, you need to listen to people like Joe Trippi who study the polls in real detail and get under the hood. Because much of the U.K. coverage is utter donkey cock. And that’s dangerous. Because complacency is the biggest enemy. 

The Dems messaging is massively improved. We are 5 months out from the election and this conviction is not going away. The bad people are indeed scary but lawyers of all people should grow a fvkcing pair. It’s like Vichy France on here ffs half of you sound like you live or want to live in gated communities. 

I am glad I am not Judge Merchan.  My vindictiveness would be on prominent display.

I would pot the khunt with the justification that Trump's evident disrespect for the legal process in his tweets (including against the Judge's family) and court steps pronouncements were so egregious that I had no alternative.

Hopefully the Judge is wiser than I. 

On the one hand rule of law should prevail and he should barred from contesting election. On the other hand, that will split the country for good and even Republicans can't save the country then. Proper fvckfest to expedited demise. 

Merchan has been immaculate throughout, so he has the space to pot him. I wouldn’t bet against it tbh. In his CNN interview Blanche says outright at one point that Trump should be treated differently from other defendants now felons. The jury disagreed obvs. Fvcking do it judge. 

The fvck face is going to win cos the fvcknuggets believe he’s the guy who played Donald Trump in The Apprentice and Biden is a sneeze away from shitting himself. 


I don’t understand how the jury found him guilty when he’s been saying all along that he was innocent. 

He’s made it clear numerous times that this is a witch hunt. 

Were they not listening? Judge needs to step in and make this right. 

Ah well, guess we’ll just have to wait for the Supreme Court to sack the judge and make this all right. 

Silly Americans.