Tree vandals…

Why is anti social behaviour like this allowed to go unpunished? Ffs. State of this country.

Who says it will not be punished?

I'm sure the perpetrators would be if they could be found (which is obviously very unlikely) 

To say the Tories have just decided this stuff is legal now is nonsense though 


But it being unlikely they will be found is the point.. Mainly because the police will do fvck all about it because they are under resourced and (sorry, but it is to some extent true) focussed on the wrong sh1t. 



I find it deeply troubling that the response to the last few years of being treated like shit by the state is to visit that behaviour on others howsoever possible, this being a micro example. And nobody seems to care. We’re right back in regency times. Gin Lane. Petty barbarism. Ff actual s.

heh, yeah I wasn't proposing a 24 hour armed police guard for each tree. To be fair there probably isn't much you can do about this one (other than maybe cctv). But a bit (actually a lot) more of a zero tolerance policy towards low level anti social behaviour can work. First thing (not the police obviously) is make sure new trees go in within a matter of days with a bigger fence around them and maybe some cctv.  

I also think we need to go back to just having a lot more people around public spaces. Park rangers, guards on trains and platforms and yes proper community policing.  Fear of getting caught does work.  

There is a whole flip side of tackling the causes of anti social behaviour as well obviously which does mean a return to some sort of sense of community. Essentially we need to get rid of this government of disaster capital lunatics and idiots and bring back new labour. Sh1t was just objectively much better then.  

a guy just tried to get me to sign a petition to "make our area more dog friendly"

he is standing at the end of a street that is an actual obstacle course of pyss and shyt

his dog is massive and looks really smug and it can fck off

but back on track, if you like flogging you can go to Singapore, I believe

I tell you what. Singapore IS bloody clean and tidy though. It's frigging incredible. Only tropical place I have ever been where the city doesn't smell of rotting bins as well. The amount of effort they must put in to it must be vast. 

It won't be deer as they are snapped too high up for that and there is metal around the bottom parts to stop deer. CCTV at the park entrance might find who did it. We have had 2 days so far of tree fellers 2 doors up from me - goodness knows what havoc the new owners are wrecking to some very old trees but hopefully they have council permission which you need around here.