Tik Tok terror Mizzy

This kid pwnd fat heart attack fodder gammon Piers Morgan 

I hope mizzy gets his own show

Morgan can fk off with his fake outrage he used to do his own (worse) pranks as a young un, remember when he faked photos of soldiers abusing a prisoner? Banter.

meh they both come across as w**kers, one is a younger more zeitgeisty w**ker than the other but if they re honest they are fairly similar but at different stages of their careers. 

the truth is Mizzy targets people that are less likely to batter him in response to his antics, and we the content seekers would likely lol if that were to happen and the vids posted 

lol at him walking into a house in a different part of London and expecting to leave with all his teeth  bantz bantz bantz

Are people actually saying they think that walking ASBO kid came off well?

F*ck me state of rof these days. Even the comments on youtube sound like they come from more normal people than those that post here.

Just watched some of this and all i can think is WTAF.  Seriously.  That must have been terrifying having someone walk into your house with all their mates and lounge about on your sofa.  The girls at the train station being asked "Do you want to die?" again, what the fvck? Taking an elderly woman's dog?  Jeez.  If only he had tried to take Fents he would have realised the error of his ways when he came out of it with teeth marks and his face ripped to shreds!

Its the sense of entitlement that really grinds my gears.  I have seen it time and time again in my job; I want a car so i'll steal one, i want new trainers so I'll steal or deal to get them (and yes i have actually heard people say they committed offences to get money for trainers), I can't be ar5ed with college or a job as I'll earn more money dealing drugs (or in one instance i had, guns).

I note the mitigation - single parent family and no job or full time ed.  So what?  Loads of people come from single parent families without being d1cks. Fvcking grow up.

I can understand people who want things for their own enrichment. It makes them selfish dicks but it's logical (and perhaps they reason that everyone with money came about it unfairly one way or another).

But he is doing it to torment people. He gets nothing out of it but observing their distress.

He would have benefited from a spot of prison imo.

I guess his popularity means more to him than anyone else's safety/privacy etc.  Fvcking selfish ar5e. Is this a study group?  No its a one way trip to Feltham my friend.

Disgusted to read the recent comments above.

Some serious lack of cultural sensitivity here.

Stop applying your obsolete White values to this courageous and enterprising young man.