A thread to post your job title and desired job title

Unless it's very outy like assistant to the assistant to the regional manager at Currys, Reading 

PS, I'm sure your skin is as smooth and supple as a 17yr old, but it's the eyes that give it away.

Mine - bright, vivid, alive and constantly scanning the room for threats and opportunities. 

Yours - milky, wise, sometimes seeming far away as if remembering fallen comrades or lovers lost to time. 

I have taken on a volunteer roll to help out at a library.


I was very insistent that my title is not “Assistant Librarian” but “Assistant to the Librarian”.

Job title - partner, lover, legend, hero 

Desired* - managing partner, lover, legend, hero, inspiration, ground breaker 



* Obviously I am picking a realistic one. My dream title is Manchester United soccer player, defender of football for the working classes against the cheats and general all round hero

Chief Grievance Office, Goole Borough Council. Still the greatest work of genius this board has seen 

Let's take a look at the cringe-o'meter...

That's numberwang!