A thread for gr8 condiments

I recently discovered M&S 'Special Burger Sauce'.

This is a complete dupe of the Big Mac sauce and I've been painting it over my salads for the last week. 


The special burger sauce by m&s is awesome

as also is the burger pickle stuff - in a jar - lush on a burger with special burger sauce

also love Mrs balls chutney

and bay tree chilli and mango chutney 

Laoganma preserved black beans in chili oil is the world's best condiment bar none. It is like crack in a jar. 

If you like Tabasco then upgrade to Crystal brand which is better. 

Crystal has been tried and found slightly wanting next to Tabasco. Found it a touch lighter on the heat and vinegar

we keep Texas Pete’s too which is ok but very mild indeed. 

Got the scorpion Tabasco as a gift. Utterly daft and can barely manage more than a drop

tabasco is great 

have depressingly googled the m&s one and they have a “smokehouse” ketchup and a “sriracha” ketchup and i dunno which one i was talking about (the bottle looks like the smokehouse one but they might have changed that)

on a separate note - the tabasco brand sriracha is amazing 

Tabasco gets a bad rap but I really do think it's a wonderful sauce. I've actually had a go at making my own version (have absolutely loads of it of any local roffers want some) and it's got the same satisfying background flavour which was very pleasing. 

Also a big fan of the lo gan ma sauces, especially the ones with beans in them. There's a groundswell of artisanal versions popping up at farmer's markets around here. They're about three times the price but sooooo good. 

Kewpie sesame dressing

Salad cream 

Here's one to make at home:

Roughly equal parts of the white part of spring onions and ginger, chopped finely

Neutral oil, enough to cover the above well

Pinch of salt 

Few drops of soy sauce

Pinch of msg if desired

Stir vigorously and leave for a few hours.

👏 for dusty’s Korean spicy sauce, I was going to say Kimchi but it’s not really a condiment 

1. Horseradish sauce

2. mustard 

3. Lee n Perrin (for cheese on toast obvio)



"Laoganma preserved black beans in chili oil"


Rof Royalty, you have changed my life. I bought a bottle of this from Oriental Mart today and it revealed that I am truly a culinary peasant. I experienced flavours which I didn't know existed. 




Love u for this. Thanks. 

This is an excellent list of things to try.

Best is horseradish, I like to have enough that it makes my nose hurt.

My peasant tastes enjoy mustard and mayo stirred together as sandwich grease.