a thread about slightly creepy schools tv you watched as kid

something about falcons

something about an alien boy

Nothing wrong with being traumatised by Kes, it is fooking dark.

I remember one about a boy who discovers that a detergent company is poisoning his favourite fishing pond by dumping chemical waste.

Not creepy at all but does anyone remember "How we used to live"?  It was ace.  Set during the war or thereafter. From my recollection it was a bit like a soap opera.  It was ace.  Love such a programme to be on now so my son could see what it was like in the 70's/80's.

Not creepy at all but does anyone remember "How we used to live"?

yeah I remember that but I thought it was set in the Victorian era? Some beardy fella in a top hat as the family patriach? 
was only about 9 so might be misremembering 

My primary school had one TV, about 5 foot high on wheels.

It would be pushed into the hall with great ceremony then the wood effect veneer doors would open and 'How we used to live' would blast out (distorted volume) as we all sat on the floor.

Then in about 1982 the BBC Micro arrived and the modern age truly began.


Through the Dragon’s Eye. The evil bird character dude was fooking scary to a 7 year old me. The reading/writing stuff was probably a bit easy for me, too. 
Can still remember the theme tune tho. 

Heh - yeah i remember that, where they went through the mural on the school wall

slight tangent but Granny’s Garden was also sweaty palms time despite the low res look and feel. Basically the Blair Witch Project on 8-bit

Yes!! Gotta love a BBC computer Granny Garden sesh. I always remember the “hidden word” in one scene was “fig” and it wasn’t hidden unless you had a severe case of colourblindness. 

The test card. The girl looks past you with that 'enigmatic' smile. Humpty just sits there looking stoned. The game of noughts and crosses will never be finished.

Technically Elephant TOTU was not schools TV. I think it was even post-watershed.

But yes, some were quite disturbing, despite most of them being totally expected.