those big trays you get with a new oven

thinking of just chucking mine as they are a bit blarg and perma-greasy

but will I regret it? is there something unique about the trays that come with the oven?

i keep cookware forever because i never really know how you're meant to get rid of it

abandoning it when moving between rentals used to be efficient but that opportunity has gone now

They at least have the benefit of actually fitting said oven.

I bought a new tray the other day and the fooker is perfectly sized to look like it fits in the racks, then you nudge it and one side falls down, spilling your delicious gravy all over the oven floor. 

There was a roffer who once recommended some awesome trays which you could also use on the top for making gravy.  Sadly cannot remember the roffer or the trays.

Escaped!  How are you?

I honestly did not know that such a thing as an oven cleaning company existed, and I need one!  Are they horribly expensive?  Is there one that you would recommend?  (I am genuinely getting excited at the thought of having a shiny, clean oven again).

omfg cru! they are magicians! they work on a very local basis so ours won't be any good to you, but the charge about £45 to make yiur oven look new. It's the most bougie thing ever and I love it. In fact need to go and book the guy. It's something like 

Siete - there's a different man iwth a van who goes around "sanitising" bins (ie jetwashing the maggots out if your bags have split or you forgot black bin week and put teh recycling out by mistake. Have never used them. I am woman enough to pour a kettleful onto a maggoty bin.

We have an over cleaner guy; he is amazing but is expensive in comparison, but query if that's because we have an Everhot and he takes the whole thing to pieces and re-builds it.  It's the only cleaning I am prepared to pay for (Mr GHF does the rest because I am largely undomesticated and slightly feral).