Things not often said by people

"I miss the being a lawyer in the City"

"I wish I'd spent less time with my kids while they were growing up"

"I enjoy English weather" 

Laz probably is the model human being tbh. Kind, witty, loyal, polymathically talented and successful at all he turns his hand to, hawt, charming, witty and wildfire in the sack. And what an athlete.

RoF is one of the best websites I've ever come across - there seem to be so many intelligent and interesting people posting on its discussion board

Another liker of English weather here.

I can think of lots of things people say and don't mean, but not so many that people don't say.

Although I have never heard anyone say "that chap is floccinoccinihilificating over antichurchdisestablishmentariasm" which is a shame 


Waves vigorously ( and in a very unBritish manner) at the soft cheesy one

How goes the election prep, still campaigning in da streets?

“y not invite unkle hyoo 2 supper? his is a varied, witty and always original repartee”

Four distinct, temperate seasons are wonderful. This does not characterise English weather, which is undeniably terrible for 340 days a year.

Brexit has been great for the Union in Britain and its historical settlements, securing their future just as its patriot proponents promised us.