They really are unspeakable

‘In the document seen by the BBC, Russia promises to find "adequate solutions for human rights issues" ‘

is one of the solutions eliminating lots of humans? 

Just reading at the moment a memoire by Tahir Hamut Izgil, Waiting to Be Arrested at Night, which charts the persecution of the Uyghurs and his family's escape from China. Russia has one thing right in what it says - there is a war going on against regimes like Putin and the CCP, and they are being targeted by the West, and rightly so.  These regimes are the absolute enemies of humanity, and have to be suppressed and the damage they cause limited as far as we possibly can until their societies are eventually able to change and expel the scum that are exploiting them.  

How many children were slaughtered by the Russian military in the Mariupol Theatre atrocity Barry?

How about the torture in Bucha? Anything to say about that?