“Thatcherite Cosplay”

Labour are gonna fooking lose arent they?

On what planet does Keir Starmer think that the ordinary British voter knows what this means or even disagrees with it?

This is a phrase that makes sense to a small number of people on twitter and on London dinner party circuits.

They need to sort out their comms.

Err, it’s really obvious what that means and everyone who hears it will know. 

You have to have an impressive level of contempt for the people of Britain to believe that Thatcherite is a concept that only exists at the “London dinner party circuit”

Yeo, Oracle, I saw some ads looking for new members just recently, now that the waiting list has been reopened following the initial massive surge in membership applications. 
Fortunately for them, lots of applicants dropped out when they realised that this was not a local rock group fan site and that they would not be getting a personalised message from Chris Martin after all. 

me and my missus used to live next door to a professional photographer who had two lines of work:

1. Still life advertising photography mostly for car and electronics ads

2. Hot girls in cosplay gear

Think (1) paid the bills and (2) was for pleasure.