Term time only corporate jobs

I know one corp who has this set up - management consultant, loves it for obvious reasons.

I know one lawyer who does 9-2 every day and another who has August off.

That’s it. Anymore and any feedback on part time or term time law / corp roles 




Threepette does this, contracting with LoD and the like.  9-3 four days a week (so 3* her day rate a week) and Easter, Christmas and summer hols off.  Obviously doesn't get paid during the hols though.

Really interesting. I bet if they did a survey in a few years of productivity they'd find that people doing those term hours were just as productive and fitted in all their projects within that timescale anyway. At my place there is a definite summer hols/ Half Term/ pre Christmas hols slow down and I should think it's the same at lots of places (not OFC if youre deal based projects where time/ planning doesnt stop for hols). The Americans would hate this so don't think it will take off at American led shops!

Yeah my friend the MC, says none of her clients even notice because she’s at work daily in term time and there’s always someone off in half terms and holidays and so she’s never told a client but it’s never come 

She does 9-3 x 5 x 39 / 52 = 22.5 per week = .64 of full time hours so works out about 3 days, so 60% pro-rated. 

And she’s senior so her clients get a lower daily bill. 

It's probably like the people I know who did condensed weeks - worked just as hard in their 4 days as they woudl in 5 as Friday as much slacker and half arsed anyway. Since COVID my place has definitely got much slacker re Fridays - it used ot be another full working day, now it's much much slower and much easier/ no meetings etc. Maybe the places that are introducing a 4 day week have got it right.

OB hope you're settling in more at the new job now..?

Not the same thing but this year I took 3 weeks of statutory (unpaid) parental leave during August which is our quietest period. It worked very well, had to do a couple of calls throughout but all very manageable. And didn’t feel stretched with leave the rest of the year. You have 18 weeks per child to take until they’re 18 so it can be a good way to get some extra time with kids when you need it. I’ve seen colleagues take a couple of weeks in eg September when a child is starting a new school etc similarly. 

Parental leave - diff to maternity leave. You can take up to 4 weeks per child per year to a max of 18 weeks per child over the 18 years of their childhood. It just rolls over year to year and employer to employer. Anyone with parental responsibility (ie mothers and fathers) can take it.  Unpaid,  but you accrue hols and continuous service etc and cannot be discriminated against for taking it. 

It’s actually a fantastic piece of uk legislation - surprised the tories haven’t had a go at getting rid of it. 

Well it’s unpaid clergs so you have to be earning well enough to cope with the loss of salary. But it’s a great option and much more flexible than a more formal or permanent part time arrangement. 

Yeah it looks great - game changer for long summer hols. And not having to pay for summer camps etc must offset the loss of salary at least a bit.

Yes and if both parents take it at diff times you can cover off the summer hols totally. I’m always surprised more people don’t use it - businesses cannot say no to it so it’s all fairly straightforward. 

Businesses definitely cannot say no to it - they can ask for it to be postponed if it clashes with a particularly busy period but it can only be postponed once and has to be taken if the person requests it. 

Escers sadly it has to be taken in one week blocks - nothing’s perfect I suppose…!

How do you even locate it ?

I’m ok PP, it’s been an intense 2 months - going back to work after 2 years out, new company, totally different role to what I did before - similar job title tho, but the organisation structure it differently.

Chronic imposter syndrome and zero confidence and nothing to fall back on in terms of oh I know that it’s easy. It’s all new and different. 

Kids having a shocker and I feel crap for not being there. Nev having to adjust which is tough because he’s the higher earner etc and has taken the lions share of childcare the last 2 months and I feel sad as miss my babies.

OB, to do any job properly you need adequate childcare adn that's not someone else with a full time job. Hire a nanny and then you'll all be happier.

(if you have a nanny and NEv is picking up the slack and the kids are unhappy, then hire a different nanny)

Sorry to hear it’s been tough OB

I haven’t been on here for a bazillion years so have missed the back story on this - why did you go back to work? Money or because you wanted to? If the latter then don’t worry it will all settle (and get proper childcare as per escaped). If the former…well, still basically the same advice but just take a deep breath and carry on. Can you use some strategic annual leave to break it up a bit over the next few months? 

Blend of : 

career break was until nobette started school 

Mad mortgage doubled and is even more mad 

Retirement / death plan for nev 

Nanny not an option because I want to do the childcare myself. I love and miss it. They are at breakfast and afterschool club for some of the week.

New job are proposing to look at various part time options for me so wanted to see whether this has been done / what worked / how popular it is / business benefits to have an informed conversation with them 

I think 9-3 5 days and then main holidays off sounds great and workable 

I can’t believe they’re willing to be so flex. I’ve been in this for 20 years and never heard of pt for sales so was shocked they brought it up 

I think that's relaly norma, for going back after a break or a new role OB. One day you'll wake up and just have more confidence in it.

Well if your set up allows for it then go for it! So long as you’re set up for success. 9-3 wouldn’t work for my business as we’re west coast HQed so 4pm onwards you need to be there for some portion (I take 6-8 off for kids and then usually do a call or two once they’re in bed). But if works for you that’s great. 

It was their suggestion, they need to get it past HR, but they asked me to present different part time options that might work for me. 

I think 5 short days much better around the kids and then the holidays but not half terms off.

It wouldn’t have worked at my last company / role as my role was global so was ‘on’ from 6am - midnight with lulls through the day but peaking east coast. Their version of part time was 20% pay cut per day but retain full target + responsibility 

My current role is uk only and they would pro rate the target.

Yeah I feel like such crap and useless I take my cats to calls so I can at least provide cute furry things to liven up and add value 

Sounds like a good plan. And if you don’t want a nanny, do you at least have the non children bits of parenting outsourced? No prizes in mothering for being the domestic drudge. You could get a nice housekeeper for a few hours in the afternoon a few times a week - ours is also a babysitter so can look after the kids if needed in a pinch and will go and do errands (drop off dry cleaning etc). Give yourself some breathing space - you need it when both are working. 

Have u considered going pat.  heh.  would sort your probs out overnight though. 


Keep well OB...hope you manage to find some equilibrium.

OB- I am strictly 9-5/8-4, but we have a nanny who does housekeeping stuff as well. It works well - coming home to find dinner started and dishwasher emptied with enough time left for me to do the bath and story and bed (and log back on if I need to - which is rare). I only have one small person (with SEN/disabilities), but I have always found that you need twice as much help as you think. 

sounds great

there’s no need for people in the west to work the hours they do

people should be freer to allocate their own time