Tempted to upgrade my Kindle
PerfidiousPorpoise 30 May 23 10:29
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... even though I am not an avid user of my existing one. (Generally prefer physical books but am really running into space issues, so for certain genres I may buy the eBook especially when they sell it for supercheap like a quid or two.) Mainly because I love the way this cork cover looks (and it seems incompatible with my older Kindle). That said, the cover, sold as a separate accessory. is made in China, and is very expensive for what it is ...



I've got a long train journey coming up, so have loaded up my ancient kindle.  Not sure about those cork covers.  My 2011 kindle has a leather cover that's still in goodish nick.  my kid is on cover 2 or 3 for their 2020 model (fabric cover).