Sushi crisis

I know there's a lot going on in the world right now, but my parcel from arrived completely defrosted. Not just defrosted, not like they say it might be in the leaflet, but slightly warm. The horror.

In ROFers' experience do any of the normal supermarkets offer good-enough-for-sashimi/sushi frozen tuna and salmon that I could add to a normal shop and therefore receive still actually frozen, for less than the £70 gazillion that fishsoc tried to charge me ?


who the fvck orders fish by post? that’s the maddest bastard thing I ever heard. Reminds me of Pinko saying he buys children’s clothes on line, the absolute maniac

Heh, yeah, it is a bit mad. Hence the q. re normal supermarkets.

I used FishSoc once before, stacking some discounts, and the quality was really good to be fair.

I've tried asking around for a decent local source but no joy so far.

Supermarket fishcounters in the UK are absolute dog turd compared to much of Europe.  Morrisons has the best of them.   

Have you tried ordering form your local  fishmonger?  



"sushi grade" means nothing other that the fish has been flash frozen right?

i doubt there's any fish for sale in a UK supermarket that doesn't meet that criteria. maybe not farmed salmon as i'm not sure it's required for that. 

Is there a smokery in your neck of the woods?  They'll get salmon shipped overnight from Scotland straight after it has come out of the water and would probably be happy to sell you some before they smoke it.

If you're really hardcore some of them get deliveries of eels that are still alive.

farmed salmon is not very good in itself and is about the most destructive to the environment of all farmed protein. amongst other things - destroying wild salmon stocks (sea lice and interbreeding), causing puffins and other sea birds to starve and undermining the whole marine ecosystem (using sand eel and other baitfish to make feed for farmed fish). UK (a Brexit win!) has banned the most destructive sand eel fishing where it can but possibly too late for critical mass of breeding stock - see Newfoundland Grand Banks cod. 

the recent stories about EU countries being extremely mad about the UK banning industrial sand eel fishing and bottom trawling are pretty interesting

raising disputes under the TCA because the UK is implementing EU laws they want to ignore

who the fvck orders fish by post? that’s the maddest bastard thing I ever heard. 

Well Unhygienix the Asterix fishmonger gets his fish by oxcart from Lutetia.


If you have eaten wild salmon very difficult to go back to farmed as it seems so soft and weak. It’s like this from a lack of swimming. 

I ordered some kippers to my parents house last August. Due to the general shitness of the UK they took four days to arrive by snail mail. 

They were a confronting sight in their vacuum sealed bag and unquestionably aromatic upon opening. However, I ate them anyway and I was fine.