SUNAK FACES TORY ANGER as (((some total horse shit non issue)))
Sir Woke XR Re… 26 May 23 09:37
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Why are the right always so angry? V easily TRRRRRRIGERRRRRED these days.

More to the point, why are they such desperate fantasists?

a) becoz it’s only rage and bitterness that could possibly sustain their incoherent and irrational ideology - calmness, thoughtfulness, rationalism and indeed common sense just don’t lend themselves 2 the fear of the other required 2 b rightwhinge

b) becoz the only way of reconciling their views with the cold hard centrist oppression of reality is 2 make shit up and pretend - then u can justify nething


another leading right wing fantasist

why does America even have a “debt ceiling” fgs. you can tell it’s not a proper grown up country yet. what a stupid idea

You can tell how panicked and desperate they are by the state of the rightists on here. Breathlessly regurgitating the latest Guido / heil / tozzagrazza missives. Risky has failed to cope and given up completely. 

sunak is emphatically not in any sense the tory right

the main way you can tell this is that he is not actually very right wing by the standards of the tory party

‘Breathlessly regurgitating the latest Guido / heil / tozzagrazza missives’.

The times is becoming just as bad. My elderly neighbours were huffing over some made up culture war nonsense the other day. I nearly suggested they start posting here.

‘Risky has failed to cope and given up completely.’

Isn’t they posting as ‘Barney’ now?

Like all Daily Mail readers I am FURIOUS. About something. Anything really. I just exist in a perpetual state of anger.