Stella Creasy told it’s “against the rules” for a baby to be brought into the Commons chamber
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er, somehow I very, very much doubt this scenario is covered in the rules 

A man in the same position would need to bottle feed - I hope Stella is proposing to allow men to bottle feed in the HoC.

Otherwise this is pure sexism against men (misandry).

As usual the “feminists” aren’t really bothered about equality, just women’s rights.

Its not really an unreasonable rule is it. 

I know we have to be woke, and all the rest of it, but is it really something that needs to be a thing. you can't bring a baby to other places of work.  Because its a place of work. 

It was always in the rules apparently but not enforced

and MPs were only eligible for maternity leave as of this year thanks to Creasy, and even then it is still not enough as they still have to work

how dare she have children eh


Occam, thou brightest of gleaming knights.

Did you notice the bit where I said I was opposed to it?

No, because I didn’t say that.

I just said I hope this isn’t yet another sexist piece of legislation or guidance which penalises men on the basis of their sex.

Occam let’s start with the basics.

96% of prisoners in the U.K. are men.

men are being let down at a very basic social level. 

much more likely to be prosecuted, much more likely to get a custodial sentence.


And I’d reverse the question - show me a piece of legislation which penalises women on the basis of their sex. If legislation alone could solve inequality we’d be home and hosed.

The nursery is open for evening sessions too, QE. It's better provision than any other parent in the country gets.

And kids should not be in some workplaces. It's not her private office.

the evening sessions that run until 6.30pm or 7.30pm?

except on a Monday when it's 10.30pm?

perhaps she ought to request that votes only happen on a Monday and stop being a whining bitch then eh

Yeah tbh I think she should stop being such a whining bitch.

There should be a lot more done to help women with young kids get back to work.

This isn't one of them. And it makes her seem spoilt to be complaining tbh.

She is a total pain in the arse. As someone above said, you can’t bring babies to work in the vast majority of professions. Many professions have worse, anti social hours than MPs. What about female cleaners in their offices? Maybe she could advocate for better working conditions for them instead of this constant woke, militant feminist nonsense

she probably had the baby just to score political points tbh. Poor child has no chance 

I wish MPs would just get on with their job and stop all these constant debates about how they should regulate themselves. It’s like watching an HR conference at times. Just do your bloody job, nobody cares about the rules of your massive palatial office and the hundreds of thousands of quid you all spaff on nothing 

just trying to imagine someone bringing a baby into a late night tribunal hearing

also what is her partner up to? does he have a job besides being former head of Labour for Israel? I bet it's a rung below MP whatever it is.

I think her point is that while she can now take maternity leave she is not able to appoint a locum or replacement to carry out her duties, so if you actually care about your seat, so to speak, you are forced to come to work.

And tbf she is campaigning generally on this not just on her specific position (which in this case is that she has been allowed to do this previously so why not now). 

Re what the hours polloi can do or not do, most of you lot have been sat on your sofas watching This Morning for the last 18 months, do you think a bus driver can do that?


if it isn’t interfering with her work in the commons what is the issue?

if she can take her kid then so can everyone and then it becomes a SECOND creche

is she campaigning generally? her success mostly seems to have been to the benefit of one S. Creasey.

"Re what the hours polloi can do or not do, most of you lot have been sat on your sofas watching This Morning for the last 18 months, do you think a bus driver can do that?"

Er what no we haven't 

Where was hotnow on international men's day eh 

I was off donating £200 to refugee charities, given that 70% of asylum seekers are men.

thats right, asylum seekers are very disproportionately men, which makes it very much a men’s rights issue.

Yes I was *working* from home, and simultaneously home schooling, not sat on the sofa watching this morning or anything else 

I bet you sat on the sofa and watched something a tiny bit.

The point is that up there it was said that other people can’t take their kids to work, why should she?

My point is that if it doesn’t affect what she’s actually doing then what is the issue? Flexible working is out of the bottle now so if you can work from home (which most middle class office drones now do at least half the week at least), what is the difference here? 

This Morning viewing slightly facetious I accept. 

Occam presumably legislation which is sexist could be challenged under the HRA or something. So like I say it may be the laws and rules and guidance but the evidence of structural sexism is clear: men punished more, locked up more, die earlier, don’t get custody as often, less likely to access healthcare services. 

There is a crèche on site where she can leave the baby. I wouldn't sit on a zoom court hearing with a baby attached to my boob or any other part of me, her sitting in the chamber is the same. In her private office or working at home, she can do what she likes 

Parliament is responsible for the level of provision afforded to ordinary people across the land. Therefore, in her job, it absolutely is relevant if she is receiving vastly preferential treatment relative to ordinary women (which she already is).

and, again, it is relevant to determining whether or not her situation is "fair".

"should MPs get a pay rise?"

"no, ordinary people are not getting payrises and (aside from the question of fairness and taxpayer funds) it's good if MPs have a sense of the difficulties faced by ordinary, even quite well paid ordinary, people"

same thing, no?

I think it is very very silly of her to think she is striking some kind of blow for the sisterhood. Walthamstow may have gentrified a bit in the last 30 years, but not so much that the optics of her crusade on her own behalf don't look rubbish to get own constituents 

For a start, that wasn't the argument. It was 'why would professional careers be afforded flexibility that other jobs do not'.

Would you like to reconsider your response?



Do you disagree with the following: "working mothers are discriminated against in the workplace and job market due to the paucity of options for them in terms of flexiblity of working hours and the availability of cheap, flexible childcare"?

and, as above, her nursery costs £1200 a month for full-time under 2s and is open many hours later than normal people nursery

smiling tear face emoji followed by tiny violin emoji

Sort of agree with the clerg side of this - she makes good money and already has flexi options (more than most professions).

Bringing the baby into the chamber where it may cause interruption is both unnecessary and probably inappropriate.

If she was a cleaner who couldnt afford childcare and needed the kid with them I would have more sympathy, but I cant think of any other job where you can bring a screaming child to meetings with you.

So upto what age should kids be allowed in the chamber?

Its ridiculous, there is more than adequate child care provision, how about Barristers and solicitors taking babies into court.

I have no idea if the creche fees are cheaper than normal people (on less money) pay, if they are thats taking the piss too and normal peoples fees should be reduced inline with MPs.

3-ducks24 Nov 21 15:07

I generally consider myself quite woke, but turning the Mother of Parliaments into a fcking creche is a step too far. We're enough of a global laughing stock already. 

Stella Creasy's narcissism becomes more comprehensible if you are aware that when she failed her 11+ in Trafford her parents relocated the whole family to Colchester so she could have another go at sitting the 11+ there. 

I think she's got narcissistic personality disorder. Less than two weeks ago there was this story about a bus driver refusing to allow her to board because there were already two pushchairs on the bus:…
She then tweeted about it tagging Sadiq Khan and half the London Assembly. The story does not say it expressly, but given the ages of her children and that she had two of them with her, she may well have had a double buggy. 

I've raised two children in London from age zero never having a car and exclusively using public transport. The only times that I was in a taxi with either of them was on the way back from UCH after they were born. And even I have no sympathy with Creasy.

Another said: “Same thing happened to me 10 years ago. Ridiculous rules. Passengers with babies/kids in pushchairs should be prioritised alongside individuals in wheelchairs and buses should be remodelled to be able to take more of these passengers”.

Let’s change ever bus in London to address something that happened to me once in 10 years lol

That article is amazing.

She is complaining that one of her waines was very sick too. Dragging a sick waine on a disgusting bus, and pausing to take pics and tweet instead of getting it home. 

Is that the same waine that she took to parliament? Hopefully social services will step in

If I were the mother of a baby that was three months old and being exclusively breastfed, I would not be working. Because I wouldn’t be able to hand it over to the father or place it in a nursery. Babies that young do not take the bottle if they’re not used to it and do not have a fixed feeding schedule.

So if she didn’t need to be there, she shouldn’t have been.

But if she did, then seems reasonable to take the baby along.

If there was a scintilla of support for her over needing to speak in the chamber and needing to have the child with her at the time instead of in the crèche below, it has evaporated with ophotos of her plus same child strapped to her at a fooking awards show at 10pm. Either she needs a live in nanny which she can well afford or her husband needs to man t f up, OR she understands that having a newbie means you spend a brief time focussing on the baby’s needs and not your wish to go to a fooking Spectator party

I must admit I am tug light about how other people parent 

Maybe she doesn't want to put it in nursery? That's her business not mine  

MP seems a bit easy job to do, don't see having a baby strapped to you means you can't do it 

There was a comment in The Times saying that the writer worked for an "international law firm" in London which allowed children (implying babies but unclear) to be brought into the office whenever.  Which one is that?

Whilst I’m first in line to bang the drum for women in the workplace this all smacks of “look at me I’ve got a baby”. It’s the same thing as the local mums clogging the doorway of the local coffee place with their Subaru Impreza style buggies each morning and the lack of special awareness that some mothers have. If people come to court they don’t bring their kids. Have a bit of common sense. 

Imagine Nancy Astor or Megan Lloyd George bringing their screaming brats into the chamber of the House of Commons. Unthinkable. This showmanship makes a mockery of our great democracy.

I don't believe that Megan Lloyd George had any children, brattish or otherwise.

And at least one of Nancy Astor's children was in the House of Commons with her.


Why should she be bringing babies to work? How many of you would turn up at a client meeting with a baby? Should I be allowed to bring one in and leave in the morgue while i'm chopping?