the Starr Inn has burnt down :(


can you be more specific about eg where it is

looked it up

never heard of it

sad, tho 

it is sad!

I have never been either but I've thought about it

Are you sure it wasn't burned down by the authorities due to an active Covid case on site?

Sure he’ll move the big time team to either York or Whitby and just run the fancy restaurant from there for a while. Sad though, it was a beautiful building. 

tbh if he moved it to York I would go LOADS

the country site was not very convenient

He’s already got one in York, just less fancy.

The Black Swan lad, forget his name, has one in York which is as good as the main place and half the price. 

I LOVE the one in York

went there just after things started to open up this year and they were so sound and friendly and not mask psychos

Tommy Banks is the black Swan guy.

I'm genuinely distraught about the Star.  I go there a lot.  It tells you much about the place that they called me this morning to cancel my upcoming booking.

Pinkus - I've only been underwhelmed there once, about 15 years ago.  Every other time it's been spectacular.   Most of what you post here seems quite sensible so they may have had an off day.

Yes, Roots. Also highly recommend Skosh and Cochon Aveugle if you’re after fancy food in York, 

That is a huge shame. I really rated the star having been a few times. 

The owner is Andrew Pern not Tommy Banks, met him once at the restaurant he is an absolutely top bloke. Very family orientated with a very close team. Not the ego maniac wannabe rockstar that is so common with successful chefs now. 

Gutted for him.

Joffz - my reference to Tommy Banks was in reply to splishsplash's question about the Black Swan (in Oldstead).

Thatched roofs.  Never a good idea.  This is a real pity.  I slightly prefer The Pheasant over the road and owned by Andrew Pern's ex (simply because it is a bit more relaxed ) but The Star never disappointed.  I hope that they will be able to rebuild.


The black pudding and foie gras dish at The Star Inn is bloody lovely