I apparently snore.

I was not aware of this fact.  I sleep quite happily.  Mr OG does actually wake me up to tell me.  This is annoying because I was asleep.  

Remedies, please.  No separate rooms because we are still happily marrie

Separate rooms will help keep you happly married.

A constantly exhaused partner will not.

When you get to a certain age, it may just be a necessity. Be grateful if is a realistic option.

Been there, done that.



Bentines - thanks.  I have tried not sleeping on my back and it does seem to work.  

I am not overweight.  I am a small female but I apparently snore.

My husband talks to me when he can't rouse me from my snoring.   This isn't funny!    I really do need suggested remedies.


Oldgrumpy when you next stir in the middle of the night, I recommend waking up your other half just for the sake of it and when he complains, tell him 'well now you know how irritating it is to be woken up for no good reason'. It will really help your married life.

Prodigal Son - that might just happen.  My husband doesn't get grumpy - he just grumbles at 3 am.  He is much larger than me but I am the one that snores.  It's quite funny, actually.

Separate rooms, I love being able to go sleep somewhere else and get away from the snoring rather than the getting angry and waking him up to make him stop

Disturbed sleep is crap. Crabbing at your partner about snoring is even worse. Communicate and find a solution ffs. Life’s short enough as it is

All this, you stopped breathing I thought you were dead nonsense. It must be very annoying. But what if he has died?  That's another thing for me to sort out while he just lies there in bed doing nothing.