signing off an email

I've stopped.  You have my name in the "from" field.  Do you want me to write it again?  Do you care whether my regards are solo, kind, warm or moist?  Do you fook.


Reasonably good wishes



Is there anyone who’s so senior that they don’t send their own emails? Or did risky just fall on his face again?

Why not have your most often used sign off included in your footer? 

I do. 

I also have auto or hot text for expressions I use a lot. 

I reckon I’ve saved many hours and even more aggro

Sound good to you?

Chuffy is dead right. Best only used on its own by people being superior. Do you really not have time to write wishes too?  just do one !  You’re not that busy. Best

"Senior" used in the aged and incapable of using modern technology there rather than in terms of professional seniority.

Better to fook up a post on rof than an economy. Or do you view the two as equivalent? Aren't you due an emergency holiday?

I've got plenty more if you want them hanners. I mean it's OK to FIL but at least most who do go somewhere nice, but the CIs? Seriously? How bad did you fook up that that was the least worst option?

Seriously though, i don't even use a salutation or any wordy bollox. I use two initials. No yours or thanks or best or sincerely of with kind regards. No  V old school i deed. Pre80s partner memo style. My email my initials, boom.  All the rest if you need it is in the stupid wordy signature block.  

I use "with kind regards". Better than "unkind regards". I've started using "John, good morning/afternoon". Sounds better than "Hi" which I'm not keen on. And yes, I do find email etiquette a mild challenge.

yeah - this thread has fallen into a banal "oh, I do fond regards" fest.  I'm shaking shit up. 

I am not signing off at all.  

I tend to mirror what the client says, as it's probably what they're comfortable with.  Or keep it simple with "Thanks" and name and then sig, unless "Thanks" would sound patronising.

I never use "Best" or "BR", or other abbreviations, as that's only ever used by complete aunts.

"Best" is unacceptably Magic Circle w**ker Big Partner

BR is unthinkable

Kind regards risks typos (King [of the] Retards)

Yours sincerely has its place

Simple language such as "I hope this is of assistance." then your sign off should be fine.

I always sign with my initials as it is now my habit and has been for many years, such that people actually use my first name / surname initials instead of my name (clients and colleagues).  it's both a casual nickname and a formal sign-off. 



Dave Muttley
Bummers LLP

+44 207 4565456



Ehhh? Set your standard signoff in outlook? Done forever. Long version (w address etc) for first mail, short version (KR + phone number) for replies. Simples

Don't forget to include your phone number. Really hate it if I need to call someone his phone number cannot be found online.

So that's email etiquette sorted then.


I'm forever being bugged by colleagues who just send 'Hi DB' and nothing else, evidently expecting me to answer them before bothering to tell me what they want. 

And then there are those that send an email-length block of text as multiple single line messages.  ping. ping. ping.  Fook. Right. Off.