Set Christmas menus

Wtf is wrong with people. Why do they do this every fookin time? A pile of shyt food yoy don't really want for a ridiculous price when you could have a glass of the best wine and a plate of the most amazing a la carte maih for half the cost. Oo lets PLAN OUR CHOICES fyckin two months in advance.

Don't forget the tomato soup or gross pate starter and the CHRISTMAS PUD

ugh I would ban Christmas set menus

Book today for (one glass of flat) free prosecco!!!

Agree there is not much of worse value to be had then a set menu christmas meal.  Trouble is not many restaurants will seat large groups in December for a la carte dining.

heh at pancakes.

I loathe xmas set menus. I am vegetarian and feel extra pissed off when the one main course I can eat is risotto or goats cheese tart (there's never a choice) while the meat eaters have a choice of 6+ options.  And I am being ripped off even more. Bah humbug. 

And the calories!

From the menu for our departmental Xmas lunch, the calories for starter, main course and pudding added up to 2,294 plus booze calories (lets say 800).

That is THREE DAYS' worth of food.

I have half a bottle of advocaat (sp??) from last Christmas in the fridge - I wonder whether it's ok to drink.

oh I forgot an extra 170 cals for the "seasonal vegetables and roast parsnips" and 405 for coffee and a mince pie

That is a huge number of cals..

I think lots of companies and firms are cutting back on these completely. Last year we got free drinks and promised food..which turned out to be teeny canapés that looked unappetising so people left as they were so hungry. Other companies are asking staff to pay for their festive parties/ dinners. 

Judy 3000 calories is only 3 days of food if you are on an extreme diet.   For most people it is a bit over one days worth of food - too much for one meal though I agree.

Most people seem to be moving away from big parties. Nobody goes any more.  Too risky to get drunk these days and without copious booze they are just plain dull/miserable. 

I heard there is no Christmas, In the silly Middle East. No trees, no snow, no Santa Claus, They have different religious beliefs.

Christmas is a challenge to see how many times I can eat turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets and 2,000 odd calories is a moderately large meal that would persuade me to only have a snack for dinner when I got home in the evening.

I remember the uni days when we used to polish three days' worth of calories in a single evening by having a big meal to prepare for drinking, then drinking a shedload and having a pizza on the way home.

This is male privilege!!


These are my cal stats:

Basal Metabolic Rate 1,186 calories per day
Sedentary 1,423 calories per day
Light Exercise 1,631 calories per day
Moderate Exercise 1,839 calories per day
Heavy Exercise 2,046 calories per day
Athlete 2,254 calories per day

I have no idea what mine are and ignore the calories on things and just eat what I fancy but make sure that I'm not rapidly expanding.

I think we can all agree that every single calorie in a Christmas set menu is wasted and thus an affront to our bodies.

almost agree clergs although maintain pigs in blankets are nearly always a good use of calorie allowance - dry turkey, over cooked veg, uncripsy usually hard roast potatoes less so...

Hard agree with Clergs - waste of calories, usually dry horrible food

and the booze on offer is usually a waste of units (assuming you’re over 35 and have to worry about that sort of thing)

I heard there is no Christmas, In the silly Middle East. No trees, no snow, no Santa Claus, They have different religious beliefs.

We had a fully decorated tree in our room when we spent Christmas at the Burj al Arab 

I don't mind too much 

It helps out the workers at the venue and the owners 

If I want a high quality meal I don't go out with 40 odd people 

yeah, but the restos have the same number of covers on a good Friday/Sat night, so it's not as if they've suddenly had to serve 2x the number with the same staff.  I am partial to a xmas special on the menu, but a full on xmas menu with no non-festive specials and having to order via an excel sheet 3 weeks in advance is a buzz kill. (sorry Buzz)

yeah, but the restos have the same number of covers on a good Friday/Sat night

Yeah but they don’t all arrive at the same time and want to be served together 

the main trouble with Christmas meals (and Sunday roasts in pubs) is that roast meals are most definitely not suitable for mass catering - a good roast has to be meticulously timed and each item served as soon as ready, once you start leaving it under hot lights it is ruined.

There is almost always a meat based option that is not turkey, I NEVER have the turkey.

but I still agree a work do is a waste of cals/units unless you are under 35 in which case it doesnt matter much and you can often dance off the excess anyway.

Roasts do not need to be meticulously timed 

Apart from the meat, but then you can rest it for ages so claiming exemption 


We had

Roast beef, yorkies, cauliflower cheese, leeks, roast tats, peas, carrots, broccoli on Sunday. Absolutely superb 

‘Wtf happened to you all at 35??‘

you get chubby or have to be up early in the morning to ferry people about 

or both

Bah, humbug.

Having say 150-200 covers all ordering and expecting an a carte meal all at the same would be challenging for even the most resourced and well-drilled kitchen.

That’s why there is a set menu at Xmas and New Year.


Marshall has it 

Some of you Roffers just showing you grew up with BOMAD and never had a job in a restaurant 

I don’t think anyone is saying it’s not easier for the restaurant 

i think we’re just saying we’d rather not eat it

really rog? I think I had my first job at 13 …

never worked in a restaurant though, I have no patience with people so I wouldn’t be very good at it

although tbf I may be looking back through rose tinted specs since I haven’t been working at Xmas since 2010

I worked every summer holiday from age 16 and  had a part time job in school evenings,  and then worked most Uni holidays, incl Christmas and Easter.

Great fun mostly, lots of good banter from the full timers who loved taking a the piss out of us grammar school jessies.