Serious pop music acts who are chiefly remembered for their Christmas song.

But if you think a bit you might remember some of that other song  they did. And they don't care. 


If you're implying that you only know one Pogues song, that's you missing out.  Fairytale of New York isn't anywhere near their best song and there's so many greats, it would be hard to choose one.  Broad Majestic Shannon is one of them, or A Rainy Night in Soho.  You've heard "Fiesta" a million times but I bet you didn't know it was The Pogues.

Slade - Cum On Feel the Noize, Cuz I Luv U and many others

Wham - Club Tropicana

There were a lot of Christmas number 1's that were one hit wonders anyway but they were designed to be.

This is the Pogues handsdown

eddie has his pants in a knot

ask 100 people to name a pogues song

then ask them to name another.....

really? I could name loads 

the pogues used to drink in the Devonshire arms in Camden in the 80s and you could sometimes hear their new records played there before they were released

live on st paddy’s day some time around 87/88 was en epic night - guest appearances by Joe Strummer and Kirsty McColl 


I've heard of Taylor Swift but I couldn't for the life of me name one of her songs.  I've heard them and been ultra aware that they're mostly forgettable nonsense.  So, I'm sorry that you and your fellow Swifties have poor musical education.

There are loads of good Pogues songs, Eddie is correct. 

One of the greats live, saw them many years ago when he still sprang around the stage. Mad atmosphere, like nothing else.

By the way, for anyone who enjoyed 'The Wire', the song that the police played and sang at all of their wakes 'The Body of An American' - the one with the chorus containing the words "I'm a free born man of the USA"  - was of course a Pogues song.

Faod I'm not denying the pogues don't have loads of good songs, their album frok c 1989 is excellent. My point is the average person would only know the Xmas one

The average punter who wasn’t really into music might also know ‘The Irish Rover’ that they did with The Dubliners.

I assume this is a piss take, but its spot on:


We asked 100 people if they could name a Pogues song other than Fairytale of New York.

50 people said "no". 25 said "The one about the bells ringing out on Christmas Day". 24 said "The one that was banned for using a rude word about a gay person". One person was familiar with their wider back catalogue"

I'll admit that I'm a bit of a music snob.  I think Pink Floyd are seriously over rated, Led Zepplin are thieves and the Beatles are meh

From Wings' excellent canon of work, I'll bet any number of folks can only remember Mull of Kintyre 

sorry MH, whilst I loved that as a kid, Band on the Run is a brilliant song.  The Foo Fighters cover of it at the White House is well worth a watch

Agreed, altho' I preferred Jet from that album.

Wings over America was a cracking live triple-album, and contains a few Beatles songs as well.

I've a very eclectic taste in music.

I like many groups you've never heard of, simply because as a dedicated musician myself, I love clever things.  

Thusly, it would be really hard to pin me down to a single genre.  The first record I ever owned was Terry Jacks "Seasons in the Sun" when I was 2.  If you want to know my great musical loves that you'll have heard of:

AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Madness, Abba, Arctic Monkeys, Manic Street Preachers, The Prodigy, Eminem, NWA, Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Specials, Bad Manners, REM, The Pixies, The B52's, Jimi Hendrix, Stray Cats, Steeleye Span, Chuck Berry, Freddy King, Rachmaninov, Kid Creole


One's you've never heard of:

Fight Like Apes, The Stunning, Something Happens, Rory Gallagher, Samantha Fish, An Emotional Fish, Day One, Beth Orton, Paul Brady, Christy Moore, Mudhoney, The Melvins, The Meat Puppets, Dr Millar & the Cute Hoors, Cast

Not an exhaustive list


Not quite, John Power had previously had a hit with "There she goes"

I met him once and he was such a great fella to talk to about music and football.

They used to wind him up about his other song on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. 

Midge "wheres my sodding knighthood" Ure. 

I've a very eclectic taste in music.

From the Britpop bands like UB40 and Def Leppard right back to classic rock like Wings