Sacking it in and becoming a full time parent

What's the neg neg of this please?

Do you ever consider it, leave earlier and the little ones from school/playgroup/nanny/whatever and just have a great time?

Me, not often enough tbf tbf 

thought u'd be at this stage by now m99, being as you are a massive playa and I don't mean you lie flat by the sea in Spain and let Germans play football on u

This was my plan following my divorce:

1. find a go-getting young associate with poor judgment of character

2. knock her up

3. ????

4. Profit

Never got one to stick.  Annoyingly, the most likely prospect is in fact now a partner

Only with full time childcare! 5 children has been wonderful but a few hours a day is great, 16 hours full one one parent plus 3 children under 4, a day plus baby up every 2 hours all night is not fine.