Sacking it in and becoming a full time parent

What's the neg neg of this please?

Do you ever consider it, leave earlier and the little ones from school/playgroup/nanny/whatever and just have a great time?

Me, not often enough tbf tbf 

You can always go back to work. I think it's very healthy if you can afford to. Check your privilege etc. 

Need the dolla until I win a lottery I don't play or Mrs RR earns enough for both of us, or I pay off the gidge.

Would love to do it though.

thought u'd be at this stage by now m99, being as you are a massive playa and I don't mean you lie flat by the sea in Spain and let Germans play football on u

Not formally pal 

But thinking I need to sack off more random afternoons for the kids 

As you get older, you get wiser 

These will be known as the Pedigree Chum years. Grandpa, do you have any biscuits that aren't in the shape of marrowbones? 

This was my plan following my divorce:

1. find a go-getting young associate with poor judgment of character

2. knock her up

3. ????

4. Profit

Never got one to stick.  Annoyingly, the most likely prospect is in fact now a partner

Only with full time childcare! 5 children has been wonderful but a few hours a day is great, 16 hours full one one parent plus 3 children under 4, a day plus baby up every 2 hours all night is not fine.

Do your kids even know who you are? What's the point of having them if you hand them off to full time childcare? More like an aunt than a parent.