ROF snooker tournament
Sir Woke XR Re… 17 Jan 23 19:09
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who’s in?



Kings X Hurricane Room would be my suggestion. Next to Scala, so near station. Can just rock up and 'join' for £3 or £4 iirc.

Open 24 hours as well, in case of a few safety battles.

Snooker is OK as long as there are adequate rests. I haven’t played for a while… 

"3 ducks. Impeccable safety play. The impenetrable tactician."

Tbf I last played you nearly a quarter of a century ago. 

I’ll play. I’m not great but I know the rules and 95% of the time I hit the ball I intend to hit.

staggered by the popular response

something on a saturday in/near central london eg King’s X?

'ROF snooker tournament'

So London-centric you don't even think to call it 'ROF London snooker tournament'.