Rof Recommends Places to eat Near the Savoy

Going to the theatre at the weekend so hit me up!

On the theme of the Savoy, I think Guy's gold-digging fancy woman should swap places with Jellymonster's downtrodden cleaner for a week or so. 

It would do them both a world of good.

I’ve never understood the  attraction of eating out when you go to the theatre or a concert.

If you eat out before the show, you feel all full and dozy, esp. if you’ve had a couple of drinks. 

Go after, and you’re starving during the show and then you eat so late you can’t get to sleep for ages when you finally get home.

Much prefer to have a light supper at home before you go.

It’s probably my puritanical streak, but it also seems a bit excessive.

Like, going to the theatre in my eyes should be a treat, and also eating out should be a treat. 

Doing 2 things in such short order somehow seems to lessen the ‘specialness’ of both.

I came across a fascinating biography of the Savoy recently btw. A veritable cornucopia of tales of japes and capers going back a century. Puts our present day shambles of what passes for personality into perspective. Will dig it out in a bit.

Heh at Gaga, Crypto and Dux.

Am genuinely going to the theatre but was hoping some scamps would bring up Guys friend.

Gaga surely rofs oldest joke is Legal Alien and magician Gate 

Marshall I am with you on the fancy dinner and theatre combo - apart from anything else theatre requires you to eat out too early or too late.   Prefer to grap a snack before or afterwards (although never averse to a late night meal in China Town tbf)

On a school Shakespeare  trip to Stratford we managed 4 pints each in the 20 minute interval at the dirty duck. Including running there and back. Those were the days. 

As others said Simpsons is closed and I am 90% sure will be ruined when re-opened.  

We did the River Restaurant in the Savoy at xmas pre theatre. Nice and relatively quick/informal. It's mentally overpriced obviously (being in the Savoy) but sort of worth it for a treat night because the hotel is so lavish.  It's also open all day so you can go early and have enough time to eat/go for a little walk afterwards pre-theatre. 

Covent Garden is only a short walk away though obviously and there are loads of options there.