Rof Photographers

Do any of you convert film to digital images? Is it possible to do this at home and maintain high fidelity?

I have a couple of 35mm cameras what I want to put back into use. Thinking of getting my own dev tank and chemistry set and then putting the negatives into digital format. 

I used to have access to an awesome dark room in the old days and would do all the dev myself. They had a bunch of enlargers timers all the filters etc so you could print images up to a3 scale

But I won't be able to do that again if I get back into film so would need to send off images for printing. 

I have found it's a fooking nightmare.

I'm not sure that I have got everything correct but I've tried to digitise hundreds of slides from the 80s and 90s and the images come out sludgy, scraggly, and hard to process in e.g. Lightroom/Photoshop.

The images are huge and there's a lot of noise. I have thought about trying again with a smaller image size (where there should be less noise) but I haven't had the heart for it in the last few years. (A cancer diagnosis flips your priorities.)

I imagine that printed images would be at least as problematic as slides. You can always digitise negatives, as flipping them only takes a mouse click.