Recco some podcasts

As the football season has finished I've a gap in my commute-podcast schedule. Need to fill the time with something. 

Can the good people of RoF recommend some? 

I'm not interested in history or current affairs. 

TRIH obviously.  Altho the custer marathin is tres boring.

Ancients (History Hit).

In Our time and Infinite monkeys on bbc.

I didnt like cautionary tales at all, gladwell has a turbo irritating voice

If you like football, Bob Mortimers Athletico Mince is meant to be good.

Richard Herring and Adam Buxton both amazing, as is anything with Alice Levine in it. British Scandal is the current one, and it’s more gossip than history. 


I tend to listen to most podcasts at 1.2x speed so you can imagine how whiney Gladwell's voice is at a higher pitch.

Eugerz, for the most part my bovvered bag is almost empty when it comes to footie but AM can be superb. Scottish Tales, the South African stuff and Sean Dyche's motivational wav files are genius. Can't stand the Steve McClaren and Peter Beardsley stuff though