Ran into Threepwood, Foal, Royalty, Jellymonster, Laz and Guy on Sat

Choreography was a bit off, but the sentiment was there.


you’ll see me rolling through a 1950s council estate somewhere along the red wall m88, atop a float, champions league anthem playing, wearing a purple tux with 26 stars on it and a purple top hat, atop which a spinning, fairy lit Euro sign. Irrumating a papier-mâché bust of nigel farage.

they pretty much did

what an alliance

*watches the link to far right XL Bully owners calling the rejoin protestors khuntz and traitors*

*reads Laz's comment*


Thing is, Rex and his ilk watch both links and think the people dancing peacefully are traitors and khuntz whereas the XL dog nonces calling people traitors and khuntz are patriots.

They don’t really think that. They realise that promoting that narrative furthers their ultimate aims.

I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to guess the dog nonces’ views on immigrants, LGBTQ, social justice etc, does it?