Racist MPs welcomed back to Labour

Hot on the heels of Rupa Huq, Neil Coyle has now been brought back.


This from a party who supposedly stands up for minorities.

Racism: It’s ok when we do it!

The MP has admitted he was drinking up to 16 pints of Stella Artois beer a night, including up to four lagers an hour in the Strangers' Bar every night. 



How many more promises will Starmer break?

“Today, I make you a number of further promises: Firstly, that under my leadership there will zero tolerance of antisemitism, of racism, of discrimination of any kind.”

How many more promises will Starmer break?

approx 50x fewer than the leaders of the Tory party combined since Keir took over from Jezza

bit like saying someone lacks moral probity for getting a parking fine compared to the other lot committing, idk, gross negligence manslaughter

(ps I am not a Labour voter and I dislike Keir but this criticism is absurd)

Independent school educated.  As a councillor, he supported the unsuccessful Garden Bridge project, on which his wife worked as a landscape architect.

Shouldn't this guy be in the Tories?

Jamie he promised zero tolerance on racism as a direct response to the EHRC finding his own party guilty of unlawful acts of racism. the only party ever to have breached that threshold. 

He's failed to keep that promise of zero tolerance twice now. 

It's not absurd to criticise that. Claiming it is, and comparing racism to parking tickets, to trivialise the appalling behaviour of the MPs in question, is probably racist in itself.

Starmer seems fine with booting out left wing racists who ideologically oppose him, while keeping the centrist racists.

Pretty obvious what this is about, AmI. Note how quiet certain types are on this behavior from their own tribe.

Assume the OP complaint is not racist enough and Starmer needs to start talking about "watermelon smiles" and ensuring Labour's % of ethnic minority MPs gets down to Tory levels?