£300 on champagne

Would you rather

a) one £300 bottle

b) two £150 bottles

c) ten £30 bottles

d) thirty £10 bottles (of prosecco)

I'll take the 10 bottles pls. It's my second favourite drink (after chocolate milk) but the way I drink it means that quality isn't particularly important. 

Can't stand prosecco.

Am I paying or is someone buying it for me?

If (b), do I have to share it with them?

If yes, are they sexy/interesting/will they hook me up with some sort of adventure as seems appropriate for a £300 champagne benefactor?

c) 10 £30 bottles every single time.

Decent enough stuff available at that price, and I can’t tell the difference enough justify the higher prices. Prosecco tastes like love hearts. But in a bad way. 

I would go for the £30 as it’s always a nice drink to give friends casual pre dinner drink or take to picnics and I don’t need special for that.  

Kimmy knows what s/he is doing. Taittinger at £50 or Bollinger at £60. But if someone else is buying I will gracefully and gratefully go as far up the scale as they like. 

A bottle of whistlepig rye

Six bottles of cremant

A few different bottles of decent gin

2 cases of decent beer

A load of mixers

4 bags of ice

Much less than £300

Daddy Caulfield has been given some vouchers and decided to buy champagne/ fizz to take to lords each time, 

I said he should use these free vouchers to try the slightly better stuff of option c) 

We would never normally go over £10 a bottle except for Christmas at Aldi

I would probably go for Kimmy's option and try out 5 or 6 bottles in the £50-60 range. £30 champagne is pretty meh, unless you are in France buying direct from smaller producers.

Where are the vouchers for? Let's really get into the weeds here.

A Chemin entre mer et terre set as the difference is amazing and sets the palate off to the races One of the bottles is aged in the sea). Really good value

And the change on Sieur d'Arques blaison and blanquette

Maybe  couple of Nicholas Feuillatte Blanc de Blancs



I wouldn’t go for a more expensive option if you’re taking it to Lord’s. Save that for when you’re at home and can keep it at the right temperature and aren’t drinking out of plastic cups.