post office

just realise i know one of the guys giving evidence today.  can you imagine having had that hanging over you.  good guy, too


A former Post Office boss has told the inquiry he is “hugely apologetic” for celebrating when a pregnant post-mistress was jailed.

Seema Misra was sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2010 after being wrongfully blamed for a £74,000 shortfall in her accounts.

In an email sent to Post Office executives including Paula Vennells, David Smith wrote: “Brilliant news. Well done. Please pass on my thanks to the team.”

Smith's evidence today has been really typical of the worst sort of management type. 
Now saying he really should have been all over the prosecution team's governance and ways of being. How shocking they were. Terrible. 

Then saying "brilliant news" to the team on securing an unsound conviction. 

Now saying he didn't reflect on how things really were and should have done.

Then saying get on with your jobs. 

Sort of pushy, shallow thinking, unquestioning senior management Nazi that every company seems to overpromote. Thinks it can all be put right by saying later "ah yeah, now you put it like that I can see how I should have done better".

fook off. 

All the hypocrites above jumping on the miscarriage of justice bandwagon well after the event when they regularly cheer on potential miscarriages on these pages. 

i would accept your points in re the Post Office if it were not abundantly clear that the PO looked away from facts and battled on regardless to the cost of human beings who bore no guilt. This is not disputable.  If it were then clearly judgement on such matters would need to be reserved pending your "time" and decent experts.

The inquiry barrister was awful. He should have been torn to shreds. They only gave him the warning against self incrimination when the core participant questioner demanded it