planned to book a last minute mini-break

then realised all the fcking flights are booked out

where should I go for a last minute mini-break this weekend that is in the stinkin UK? (or a little used flight path)

was wondering about Kinsale 

the hebs do not really qualify as a mini break

amsterdam and dublin are both ££££££££££££££££erific alas

I should have booked last week am an oaf

both of these were on my list, pheebz! then they went up to ££££££££££££

I might still try Copenhagen I suppose it's £££££££££ at the best of times

Norfolk - Wells on Sea, Holkham, Burnham areas for non crowded open spaces/ ace beaches

Suffolk - Southwold or Aldeburgh are ace and fab beach fun/ fish n chips etc to be had and brewery to be enjoyed

Kent - Broadstairs for oldschool charm/ avoiding the throngs at Whitstable

Sussex - Littlehampton for a nice beach/ seaside sports/ crazy golf on the front/ Arundel for the castle

Entire flights are booked out. Not sure I've ever seen it this bad before. Usually you can at least pick up an annoying indirect route. 

Cost of living crisis my arse.

it's a couple of B&Bs in Edale...the Ramblers has rooms.  For a bit more choice Castleton is nearby or google Lose Hill Hotel which is a 15min cab from Edale and is a spa hotel to soothe your tired limbs.  Beautiful part of the world and 2 and bit hours from London.

or for City Breaks, Liverpool is very under-rated...some fantastic history and old buildings and the walk along the riverfront and round the docks is great.  Lovely people there too if you're on your own.

I'd also go walking, Edale is a good shout, or somewhere like Teesdale (not to be confused with Teesside), Cambrians in mid Wales. Basically you want somewhere lovely that's not ruined by being overrun with kids. So avoid beaches if the weather holds.

I did actually suggest Belfast (a while back I went to Holywood and rather liked it) but apparently it's not on.

Wondered about derry (to visit the great and historic wall) but also no.

Ahem, my ideas above don't involve any spenny flights - just a hire car and finding some accom ;...although my folks are looking for next week and it's a nightmare - H Term innit