People who get ludicrous and obviously wrong utility bills

If you get a bill for £100,000 or something it’s clearly wrong. Just challenge it, don’t go the media with a compo face on banging on about how it’s ruining your life.

Thank you.

Most of the time the story involves British Gas insisting that the bill is right actually and refusing to change it

What pancake said. There's often a stonewall response from the utility company.

The mistake people make is continuing to deal with someone in a call centre whose training revolves entirely around getting customers to pay their bills.

Write a letter. Look for the company's registered office and copy it to that address, especially if there's no postal address for customer service.

These companies should be made to provide contact details other than telephones.

[chambo] I once got a bill for £9000.  Called them and they sort it.  Admin error.  No bother.[/chambo]