Paris 2024 - 100 day countdown

Which event are you looking forward to most and who are you picking to win it?

Track Cycling - Men’s sprint: Harrie Lavreysen

I'll be looking out for something suitably obscure that I can become an expert on by the end of the games.  Naturally we shall do well in the sitting down sports.

One of my French colleagues just told me how expensive the tickets are (even from the ballot).  He said qualifying round of the table tennis was something like €200.  I remember getting table tennis final tickets for about £50 and one ticket for all five pentathlon events for £110.

For ticket vfm, 2012 Paralympics was great. Such a buzz around para sport at the time, decent attendance, great atmosphere in main stadium, and some of the actual sport was very watchable as well. Wheelchair rugby as an e.g.

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I don't care about sport

and watching people run in endless circles to prove who is the best at hiding steroids is probably the worst of the sports

the olympics is just 4 weeks of ruined tv schedules so some muppet can watch the archery semi finals between kazkhstan and bulgaria

Just thinking about past olympics and realise the only two this century have stuck with me - 2000 and 2012. The last couple in particular have been unmemorable.

I also loved London 2012, but slightly perturbed at being reminded it was TWELVE YEARS AGO

Insane to think about that. 

Barcelona was the best in my lifetime (or at least the ones I remember) but that was probably down to the Dream Team and being obsessed with basketball at the time.  

the Olympics is absolutely not in any universe whatsoever shit

it’s fooking brilliant

I’m looking forward to all the sitty down sports, especially equestrianism and sailing; the men’s gymnastics; and the football.

I was reminded yesterday that break dancing is now an Olympic sport so will definitely watch that.  Looking forward to Andrew Cotter doing his best to commentate.

I was going to say figure skating and gymnastics but whaaaat there is going to be breakdancing?! Yep that’s the one then that I’m most looking forward to.  

Track cycling diving all athletics rowing gymnastics CANT WAIT I have it blocked out in my calendar already. We looked into going to Paris but flippin heck what a palaver

They are ranked 20th in the world. 

So a long shot … but the horse is still quite young. 

And they are an individual competitor only. Norway didn’t qualify a team.