Nice but economical things

1. Pear's soap (original)

Little fishes on toast. With tabasco. My mouth is watering. 

Btw Judy. You came to munich and didn't give me a heads up. We could have been drinking prosecco by the pool. Swam naked in a lake. Sunbathed in the Englishergarten. Pfft! 

TCV, next time!  I was visiting friends.  We frolicked in the English gardens and swam in the sea in Tegensee.

💯 agree re pears, we have it here as my grandmother always used it so reminds me of her.

also the only soap I’m not allergic too - make of that what u will

Apple and cheddar. One bite of apple, one bite of cheddar. Taste sensation. Vary the quantity of each for sweet or savoury mouthfuls. 

Is cheese savoury? Or fatty. I'm not sure how I'd describe cheese to someone unfamiliar.