The next big Tozza scandal

been working on this in a professional capacity -  can confirm this stinks to high heaven

Houchen makes Boris look tame

so no professional obligations as to discretion?

actually, none

Neither I nor my firm act for Houchen or the Tories or the local development corporation

The conclusion I have come to is based on evidence in the public domain, including both the Private Eye commentary that has been going on for awhile, plus the publicly available* statements of case in the long running High Court litigation between Teesport and the STDC 

*if ordered off CE Filing for a fee

Chiffy, there's no need to.

"Jamiestone1" is prepared to do what others aren't and out his own head above the parapet.

Have you read RoF's Ts and Cs Jamie? The own your content until is defamatory and then they let you own it. 

Good luck pal.


careful amithetozzasucker, don’t 4get that ur an officer of the court and the sra r clamping down on ur sort of behaviour here in the context of slapps and general approach by defamation lawyers. fine line. u can’t just bandy around accusations of defamation lightly

got 2 absolutely 😂 at the tozzas claiming labour should reimburse the taxpayer 4 the investigation if it uncovers no impropriety

well up 4 that. has he thought about whether that is really an angle they want 2 go down given all the investigations in2 bodge and co., which have wasted taxpayers’ money 2 a much gr7er degree and found all tozzas guilty as charged?