I thought "neurodiverse" was as annoying as it could get in the new world of mental health diagnosis by BuzzFeed quiz

I was wrong


We live in the 2020s where previously life affecting mental conditions are now something middle aged people who've done a bloody questionnaire on Facebook think they've got. And no one is allowed to even question it.

"Now it all makes sense!"

It's just more identity politics bullsh1t and part of our drift into a weak /infantilised society of pill poppers and therapy course attenders propping up a burgeoning industry of quack MH professionals .





I like it.

It makes neurodiversity sound cool, and it is. Difficult for sure, and I imagine there will be those who say 'you try living with it, or with someone exhibiting it' but giftedness seems to be so often concurrent.

People attending therapy are not weak. It takes guts to accept responsibility for working on your issues and strength to ask for help. 

It’s pretty messed up to suggest otherwise.

My angle was more that the people who peddle the diagnoses, therapy and pills are exploitative grifters who make bank peddling phoney "treatment " to people who don't need it 


It's more of an American problem admittedly but getting worse here now