The national service thing

Can anyone remember a more last minute act of desperation attempt to win votes from an issue no one was talking about for decades?

It’s quite remarkable. Apparently the government ruled out a return to national service in a written reply to a question in the house just last week! 

High Guise27 May 24 11:07

Had Sunak ever mentioned national service before last week?


Didn't Cameron try to do something about this when he was pushing his "big society" back in 2010?

Those polling numbers are insane and must surely narrow. I still really struggle to believe Reform will poll north of 10% in a GE. 

I think at this point the polling is so extreme that it will actually making labour nervous because it can't possibly be right. 

But then you have a government that has completely contradicted itself in the space of 4 days on whether it intends to introduce national service and you think heh, maybe it is right!