my colleague has "the worst hangover in the history of time"

got me reminiscing about when we had to sleep those things off in the office disabled loos instead of just lying down on the comfy sofa for a bit


my only sick day throughout my whole 20s was when the partner tapped me on the shoulder at 10am and said - we can all work with a bit of a hangover but you are a mess, go home.  Lesson learnt.  

Clergs - for  moment then I thought you were one of my mates from the old Canary Wharf days but then remembered that you are Scottish and my Scottish pal that did this went into HR not Tax.

But everyone did this didn't they?

No. Normal people would have a snooze in their armchair or (if they didn't have the luxury of one) at their desk with the door closed. 

Why TF would you sleep in a lavatory, you barbarian? 

We used to use the Disabled Loos.  They were massive,spotlessly clean and NO-ONE used them except us for snoozing.  We'd go in, put down our coats and snooze for a set period.  The next person in would give you a knock if you weren't out in time.  Oh the old days.

the firm I trained at had a large library with many cubby holes and alcoves where one could usually find trainees snoozing undisturbed save for by the librarian occasionally but she was on-side.

I remember my shock at seeing sleep pods in Google in the late naughties , I must have looked like a medieval labourer being shown a power tool. 

 when I was a trainee there the senior Corporate Department PA that ruled  the roost (including the trainees tbh) . Round Xmas time or after a big deal she had a couch for naps in a partners room (he was regularly traveling). No one dared say a word until she went “too far” at a particularly menkle corporate department away day and one of the equity clocked that she was still drunk at mid day from the late night/early morning before