Just wondering how life is going with you. I hope Muttdog and the wider Muttfamily are enjoying the fine weather. Ifso, fatso.

I am reminded of a motto one of my school teachers shared with me as the motto of adulthood:

semper in excretia sumus solum profundiatis variat

we are always in the shit, only the depth varies

am going to have that on the gravestone

You uave to go a long way to beat spike milligan in the gravestone stakes imo.

there is a funny one in minstead* where the word "beloved" has been chiselled off.  Apparently the chaps two mistresses turned up alongside the wife at the graveside...


*sir arthur c-d lies there too, under a very old yew

Families are weird. Friends human and furry, water sports  and sport much better for one imo. I am thinking of taking up horse riding so I can get to know a few horses, have a few lessons. Am I too old at over half a century? Am I too old to fall off is the Q really. 

I used to ride half ably. I rode on a beach relatively recently and took the hoss up to fourth gear and gave it plenty of right hand in motorcycling terms.  We got into a proper gallop and it all went very calm and stable once we were properly running.  The canter which we warmed down to from full speed was not an elegant transition - made my balls into mini stroop waffles. 

My daughter is a good horsewoman. But even she was surprised how I got mine up to pace so quickly from a walk. I think it was trying to get away from me.

I have never had backache so bad after that.

Elephant, my mother started learning to ride in her mid 50's having never been on a horse before so it is do-able (so long as you don't aspire to be three day eventing, which seems to have the highest risk of falling off). 

Hope things improve for you Mutters. How did your lowlands Vivaro expedition go?