Moving to UAE

Bit bored in my current job and looking elsewhere in London.  Chinny called me out of the blue with what sounds like a pretty interesting role in Dubai.  Money (even if he is laying it on thick) would be incredible. 

Worth doing even if only for a year or two?

Loads of factors to consider but if you are a lawyer in PP and this is a job with an international firm comparable to or better than the one you work for now then probably yes.  Just remember you have to do a full tax year to get the tax benefit so if you went in the next couple of months you are looking at the best part of 2 years minimum. 

If you are bored doing your job in London, you are going to be even more bored doing a lesser job in Dubai 

If you are doing it for money, fair play, but you will have to stay in and save to make it worthwhile

Plus need to consider hit to career and far more importantly your family/personal relationships

You don't have to 'stay in and save' to make it worth while you just need to not hit a five star hotel bar every time you go out. 

Rof is not really a good place to get advice on this to be honest. This will just turn into another round tired tropes about 'slaves' and 'desert hell holes' and 'failed in London' etc etc. 

Have a look at the Brits in Dubai facebook page. It has a range of people on a range of incomes living lives in Dubai and gives a better feel for what the place is like for expats. It also gives you some sense (for better and worse!) what the expat crowd is like... 



if you don’t have any commitments tying you to London I’d say go for it if it takes your fancy tbh

As I said in an interview once - life’s too short to be anything other than opportunistic in your career moves

Davos - assuming that all jobs in Dubai are ‘lesser’ than the op’s job in London demonstrates your lack of knowledge or lack of comprehension.  

By your own performance you’d be perfect for Dubai

life is short and Dubai is a great alternative to London.  If the job is a good one and the money is good and you have nothing to tie you to London in the short term, then go for it.  

this notion about it being a "hit to your career" is just utter garbage.  I'd much rather recruit a lawyer in the UK who has a history of getting out of their city bubble on occasions

The usual types defending Dubai but failing miserably

I've been there. Done it 

I speak from experience

Certainly if you have ties to the UK it's a no go 

If you are single, childless and friendless then crack on (unless homosexual, female or trans). Couple of easy years but you won't progress much 

I’ve done it and lived elsewhere in the Gulf and don’t recognise Davos’s negative view.

Don't go just to save money. Living is expensive and you will need to travel or pay for activities/going out. You can save if you are sensible with accommodation and car but don’t assume you’ll necessarily come back rich.

You could take a partner and kids if you wanted. Very safe, decent schools and things to do make it a great place for kids. But obviously schools aren’t free so factor that in.

Living there has not held back my career or anyone I know who lived there.

Of course there are challenges and frustrations but no worse than other places I’ve lived. And tbh, the quality of life for a UK national is outstanding compared to London or most places you might live.

If you fancy a change and enjoy new experiences go for it.

we've already established I think Davos you were at the bottom end of the food chain struggling to make ends meet so it is somewhat of a warped view.  I do agree though it is not the place to be unless you are earning £150k+ per annum.

You've established in your mind 

I was certainly bottom when I came back. The lack of progression as a junior was quite staggering when compared to progress of junior city colleague

Had to work harder, better, longer to come back 

Appreciate you had everything on a plate from your posh public school 

again, well established I went to state school (well from the age of 11 anyway when my prep zero fees scholarship ended)

you sound very bitter at how your life has turned out.  perhaps a career change would help.

Sounds like Davos managed to fail in Dubai. Quite an achievement. 

Go forth and inhale the stench of reeking ripe ezeedolla. Mainline it. But for Heaven’s sake do it. A spot on my gravel crew will be held for your return. 

#Sunpat Mud Collective

The fact that Davos thinks gays should avoid Dubai is determinative here. He clearly doesn’t know the first thing about life as a pat. Best skip his posts. No wonder he came back and kept struggling. 

you know the deal sun...firmly out the back of some stunningly lithe asians.  gr7 days.  davos is clueless on here so I doubt his professional life is any different.  some are ballas some are not udig

/\ this is what you'll end up like if you go to Dubai. An absolute fvcking chopper.

If that appeals, fill yer boots.

I think we all know deep down whether we are the type who would enjoy going to the ME or not.  The middle east based posters on rof should give you a clue.

a gentleman never tells m6.  was not maids.


there's those who have the balls to make the move overseas, and those who deride it for being soulless etc (insert usual crap)

"\ this is what you'll end up like if you go to Dubai. An absolute fvcking chopper."

I laughed at this 

So true 

you were right.  an internet forum full of predictable plodders.  posting on here is their version of excitement. 

The only one predictable is you Ego 

I wouldn't say moving abroad to get laid is a good thing. Most normal people can get laid in the UK 

Guess that's why Dubai is full of sweaty fat men, bulging out of their suits 

not a single word of what you said there can be gleaned from my posts.  I now understand why you struggle.

 The middle east based posters on rof should give you a clue.


The furthest east rof's most prolific ex-pat has been is the Blackbird Leys estate in east oxford...

He has absolutely taken a facial 

That's the issue with poor lawyers

It's too easy to run rings around them 

The difference between the city and Dubai is stark. Ned stark 

you used me saying that I enjoyed banging asians in their numbers (true) to conclude that is why I moved to Dubai

you also concluded that meant I couldn't get laid in UK (wrong), actually very wrong :-)

and that Dubai is full of fat sweaty men (no more than UK/US) to imply I am one (also wrong)

I've had bigger bukkakes from my dog m7 

Isn't ego the one who was a wife swapper and accidentally outed himself ? Disappeared after that for years

Hanging out the back of… is one of the all-time rof lines of all time. After that he couldn’t really go wrong. 

If you are single you will knee deep wading through hostess clunge.


If you have a young family you will have much more time as you have affordable staff.


Either way you will have more money because you will not be paying income tax. What you choose to do with the extra cash is up to you. Spend it, save it, give it away – it is your choice.


The idea that you will be a worse lawyer etc – who gives a fook?!@#$%? Oh no someone in London pushes more important paper than me. Oh my goodness woe is me.


I found that not having to do boring jobs allowed a lot more family time and ability to do fun stuff. Very cheap taxis are great. The service culture is amazing and cheap. And I made a lot more money. There is no way I would have paid off all my mortgages if I had stayed in the UK.


As for the exploitation of wage slavery – look in the mirror at the sad City drones or poor sods working in a call centre in Ipswich or some other god forsaken provincial town.  


As Donny says – check out some of the Facebook groups. Dubai British Dads is very helpful.


And to reiterate if you are single and like stupid hot Insta types then you should get on the next flight …


If you are into girls who are cerebral and into renaissance art then it is probably not the place for you.


If you are gay it is fine – the place is heaving with gays.  


If you are into public crossing dressing / pre or post Op trans then you should give it a miss.  

"I've had bigger bukkakes from my dog m7" 

Heh.  Very possibly the worst  most counter productive attempted put downs I have ever seen.

I was at a random cafe on Sheikh Zayed Road a few months ago at 3am night - it was full of random Russians discussing the War in Ukraine, US global imperialism, woke trends.

Dubai is going to become a hotbed of intellectual debate, like Vienna was in the early 20th century. Because unlike the modern West it allows a plurality of views. 

Ego scrambling after conceding his whole case 

Barry saying it's full of alt right khunts 

It's another, massive, win for London lawyers 

Hey hey - I have very special needs.

The Russians are in on masse.

Golden visa in three days. Need to have $500k to deposit in a bank locked up for two years (but the bank will loan against it!). 

i am sure this has been said before, but who is grading lawyers between city? Does it matter? I have been successful in both places, and have seen failure in both places. how you define failure is up to you - to me its working a 100 hour week - regardless of rem.

Gulf chins are the same as the rest. Some don’t even live here. Deal only with those that do and choose one or two that have been here for 10+ years. They know the deal, the scene and the kit. Most have live-in Asian fitness model girlfriends but that’s an aside. See you on Insta!

Terrible lawyer, who is having rings run round him by working class hero lawyer, turns to his own dog giving him bukkake as some sort of comeback

This is the quality we are dealing with 

My point has been made, very successfully and very easily, by the ROF Dubai contingent


In London you have to watch what you say. Basically illegal to support Serbia. Illegal not to support Ukraine.

In UAE you have freedom of expression - you can actually discuss the things that are prohibited in the West.

I think we've established that Barry is a bit, ahem, limited.  I reckon that sort of introspection is beyond him - he's a simple man, with simple needs.

In UAE you have freedom of expression, Barry says 

I think Barry means you can legally rape your wife, have slaves and it's illegal to be gay, in UAE

“Basically illegal to support Serbia. Illegal not to support Ukraine.”

And, of course, this is completely correct and morally righteous and absolutely anyone with a brain or a cock that still works agrees.

Heh at laz 

GC doesn't understand who fuels UAE - that's local working class types you are taking advantage of 

You come the city and those types are out doing you 

And you don't like it

Cuck mentality

Posh public school upbringing 

Gulf chins are the same as the rest. Some don’t even live here.

"Here"?  You mean you've figured out where you live?  

All of the ex-pats I’ve ever come across in the UAE seem jaded after a few years, and most end up fat with serious drink problems. Do it for a year or two, anything more than that would be tragic. It’s a sad place underneath it all. There really is no culture and it is filled with Russians these days (and I mean filled with them) avoiding sanctions and conscription. Hope you have a conscience. I lived there in the early 2000s. 

And the idea that any of the Emirates “air hostesses” (note to the solicitor from 1935, they are flight attendants) would be interested in sleeping with some boring English solicitor gave me a major laughing fit. Those girls are with the (actually) wealthy Arabs. They’re also very cosmopolitan and do not hang out with the Brits. Sorry to disappoint you. 

It's 'Cabin Crew' as it goes...

And they are, you know actual people who are different from each other and like different things and hanging out with/sleeping with different people depending on their individual personal tastes and preferences. Weirdly enough that includes Brits and god forbid, even English solicitors... 



This thread really does deliver everything a well thumbed and sticky paged edition of late 90s FHM never could.

And they are, you know actual people

Heh! Just a reminder of the comments upthread

If you are single you will knee deep wading through hostess clunge.

 I enjoyed banging asians in their numbers

you know the deal sun...firmly out the back of some stunningly lithe asians

but the person who gets the sniffy “they’re people you know” comment is the one saying er actually they might be interested in you

I love the way people get hated on on here for saying a spell in Dubai looks like a reasonably fun way to spend a few years while earning big dingding and not working that hard for it, especially if you don't have family commitments. I mean you might not agree, but the moralist shrieking is hilarious.

It’s not moralist shrieking. It’s unapologetic judgment for having no taste in life. That’s unless you consider “taste” to be spending all day posing at the Mall of the Emirates in Balenciaga high tops and trying to surf down a sand dune at the weekend. Or drinking yourself into an oblivion at a brunch with weathered Brits that have been in Dubai twenty years too long. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous maybe you’ll take a taxi into another emirate. I couldn’t handle the excitement in the early 2000s, I might pass out today.

you know, I’ve never been tempted by the Gulfpat lifestyle, but it does seem tempting when you put it like that.

Most Emirates trolley dollies I've come across in business class have been non-UAE e.g. British, South African, etc.


There have got to be hardly any actual Emiratis working as cabin staff - it'd be totally beneath them, especially women.  That's what they pay (a pittance) South Asians and Southeast Asians to do.  

I did not say that Emiratis would be working Emirates flights. They don’t. I said that Emirates crew would be sleeping with Arab billionaires, not boring English solicitors. 

er unlikely actually, one thing on which the sleazemongers here are exactly correct is that lawyers, and everyone else, in Doobz, are fvcking like billy-o

I can confirm that EK crew do indeed sleep with English solicitors.  Can't comment on the boring bit. 

PJ - another failed parablozza surely - your hatred of the great gulf state is embarassing 

Lol @ cabin crew balling billionaires. I’m sure they do but believe me it’s sport in the ME. Every other bloke I know has been there.

No Ego, I was a City Partner. The UAE won’t know what’s hit it with your small dick energy. 

Wait, are grown men boosting about sleeping with cabin crew?

That's definitely not an alpha move and is quite rightly described by PJ