mens polo shirts

are they all the same or do you get what you pay for?   a survey :)

Very much not all the same but the price to quality correlation is very weak in my experience/opinion. 

But also, like it or not (and I don't particularly) a 'designer' polo shirt is a different thing to a bog standard one in terms of when/where it is socially acceptable to wear it. 


What constitutes 'better tailored' very much depends on your body shape but yeah agree tailoring/fit is key to stop them looking completely shapeless. 

Lacoste are fine but wear out pretty quickly given how spenny they are. La Martina are pretty durable if you don't mind the look (which is perhaps easier to pull off in Dubai than the home counties...). 

Catters — Didn’t you tell us that you had ordered some made to measure ones a few years back?

I have a normal body shape and haven’t really thought about fits, except that the M&S one I bought once was too big (in size L)

One thing I have noticed is that the fabric of some of these things — perhaps the cheaper ones — can start to smell pretty bad very quickly 

I do have quite a lot of stuff made to measure due to my ludicrous height. I think I have one or two made to measure from when I was thinner and it got really hard to find stuff that didn’t look like a tent.