man crashing car in2 downing street g7s
The Oracle of Delphi 25 May 23 17:18
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£ 2 a penny says he’s a brexter

there is when it’s an old rightwhinger who has achieved nothing and is led away in handcuffs. or even if it turns out he’s a communist. and goose’s joke is an amusing riposte 2 my original jibe, which he’s perfectly entitled 2 make in the context of rof

whereas there is nothing funny about ur comment re goose’s wife, which is just unpleasant imo. but that’s just mo so i could b wrong and i’ve sed enough

Now that’s the sort of thing that’s not going to go well for you, is it. Maybe lay off making what you think are such brainy quips in the first place, then you won’t end up looking so desperate. Never forget, you started it.

And out come the thinly veiled threats. Seriously, what is actually wrong with you? All because of a pretty innocuous joke. You surely can't be that thin skinned, can you?