Looking back, what were three good things about the Trump presidency?
Sir Woke XR Re… 02 Oct 22 21:26
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I don’t mean sardonic ones like “it ended”. I mean actual things that historians will appraise as positive achievements of the Trump administration. 

The (admittedly poorly communicated) recognition that china has far more political power globally than a lot of people realize.

Obviously I prepped for this years ago.

But I am intellectually superior to everyone here so that’s not fair criticism

Nothing at all. Seriously. No matter how much shit gets posted on this thread. Everything was a minus, much of it causing the shit we’re in now. Bring on the meatshields, they’ll be locked up soon enough.

Putting his foot down about Huawei was probably the right move and something I don't think a non-Trump president would have done.

Struggle to think of anything else. Putting a shitload of resources into Covid vaccines was a good move too, but any president would have done that.

Yes, his love ins with Rocket Man were a real foreign policy coup

And Putin got nowhere while he was in power obvs. 

Ffs have you got higher education?

In all seriousness, it’s going to be Space Force isn’t it. Like nobody noticed Nixon passing America’s first meaningful federal environmental legislation, but that turned out to be his greatest domestic legacy.

speaking of Rocket Man, how fvcking great is it to think how gutted Trump must be that Elton John has been to the Biden White House having refused to have anything to do with the orange shitgibbon for 4 years …

Biden’s WH looks great all round imo, it’s Promises Kept, and woe betide the shitgibbon and his goons having another go. And may God protect our armed forces.

His stance on China was terrible. Knocked 1-2% off global gdp. 

Killing the Iran deal lead to 100$ oil and the current recession.  Sure his buddies made a lot of money though. 

I cannot think of anything good tbh. 

China.  That's it.

No "right thinking" President would have dared to talk about the elephant in the room. Because no one could question the peaceful rise orthodoxy.

Trump had the guts to shift the rhetoric.

Germany has up to 70% tariffs on China imports. Done quietly with destabilising global trade. America could have done the same. It was all about trying to look tough, whilst actually screwing Americans.  

 Some people In the intelligence /diplomatic work have argued that Trump’s belligerence and lack of predictability was actual a positive because it meant asshats like Putin and Xi just couldn’t rely on their own intelligence as to what he might do it how he might respond to any steps by them. He wasn’t seen as a rational actor so all irrational responses were also on the table.  

I suspect this is why Russia didn’t push the Ukraine issue further during Trumps presidency. This delay in turn gave  Ukraine time to arm and train its forces. 

So perhaps the fact Trump was an irrational mad man may have prevented the Russian take over of Ukraine. 


He called China and Russia dark forces, which they are. 

He didn't risk nuclear war by defending distant islands off China that belong to China. 

The stock market boomed.

He kept Hilary confined to her lavishly funded woke box. 

Most people would take that. 

Trump is a crook, Putin has the dirt on him (whatever it may be), he was perma compromised, it would have got worse. Anyway. Join The Union, work for democracy, block voter suppression, respect Dark Brandon ;)

1.  I agree the Rocket Man thing was absurd

2.  I hate his Russian policy too

In fact I despise the man entirely. 

But it doesn't change the fact that he didn't engage in harmful active military interventions in foreign states to the extent of his predecessors.

1. Unemployment down

2. real income increases for those in low paid jobs

3. inner city crime down


You know, things that the toffee nosed leftists hate to happen to the poor


Lack of foreign wars and /or meddling to cause them . Something which having reached an awful peak under Dubya, continued under Obama and has now very much resumed under Sleepy Joe 

1. Lol@Jeb "Please Clap" Bush

2. The fact that the pillars of American democracy and society, from (most of) the judiciary to the election infrastructure to the military, have come out the other side of the biggest assault they've ever faced filled me with some comfort.

3. His run, tenure and behaviour since it ended have shone the biggest possible light on his utter stupidity, lack of any business sense or achievements and the unbelievable scale of his criminal and treasonous activity such that he is now potentially set to be ruined.

There isn't one good thing about the Trump presidency, let alone 3.

He was and is a thoroughly unpleasant, self-obsessed ego-maniac who thought being President made him King and he filled his boots and those of his family with as much dough as he could in those four years, and tried to set things up so that could continue after he lost. His instincts are brutal, divisive and hateful, and he's stupid. He's so stupid, he doesn't realise how easy it is for other people to see how stupid he is. (Person, woman, man, camera, TV.)

If anything positive happened during his term, it was by accident or because someone else did it.