Interesting and significant that some of the more esoteric new utilitarian ideas are starting to go mainstream. 

Like so many new ideas, it feels exciting and lovely now. Though I dont think the proponents have really realised how brutal and anti humanist some of the ultimate conclusions may be.

Similarly with effective altruism and some of the thinking in relation to existential risk and AI safety etc.

AGI would clearly be the most significant event in human history (and possibly the last ofc).

But I have a prediction: the realisation that it may be near will be pretty dramatic itself. The cultural, political, social, economic, religious and existential implications may start to have major impacts before the technology even goes live.

We are starting to see the odd quirky story now. But my sense is tnst the rate of advancement is taking even many researchers by surprise.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the politicians start to realise it might happen in the near future. No doubt it will be subsumed into a culture war in some last final tragicomic act of epic proportions